[Galilea] Episode Three: Through the Woods

Star Trek: Galilea

Episode Three: Through the Woods


    Paulina Logan as Commander Brunhilde Engelstadt
    Alexander Adrock as Captain Surak
    Noel Thingvall as Commander Valkon
    Gavin Leaf as Q
    Adam Griffith as Chief Petty Officer Variel Wallace
    Angelle Tusa as Ensign Mireille Landis
    David Sahlin as Lieutenant Gennoc
    Kevin O’Shea as Lieutenant Commander Veleth
    George Hatch and Erin Klitzke as the Romulan Bridge Officers

Script by Alina Leigh
Story and Direction by Kevin O’Shea
Assistant Directors Noel Thingvall, Alina Leigh and Adam Griffith
Cover Art by Benjamin Colón

Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry, copyright 2012 Paramount
This is a non-profit unlicensed fan production. All rights reserved by respective parties.

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