[Mailbag Mondays] It’s for our Glaucoma, we swear


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Hey, everyone! Dayna here for this week’s Mailbag Monday. So I had to see Breaking Dawn yesterday for the review, and that’s what this week’s emails deal with. Of course, we record Tuesday, so I couldn’t go into detail, but…well, just wait for it.


Sarah writes:
Hola Dayna,Kevin,Cleolinda and whoever else Dayna has bribed to come on to the show! I’m sure by the time your reading this you’ve talked about Twi-hard horror stories and complained about how mind blowingly awful it is untill it seems like there is nothing good to be found it.

But that’s not always true! I actually would say that Bill Condon and Melissa Rosenberg did honestly the best they could to make the past movies the best they possibly could. But this movie. I just can’t even form a possible explanation. I mean sure, New Moon was horrible and everything but dear lord. You have to give Melissa Rosenberg props for A) Making fun of the baby names. That woman can never not get enough credit. B) Drunk Charlie. C) The few times Edward and Bella seemed to actually have differant opinions and disagree on things. The rest…I know the plot had 98% to do with how bad it was but after awhile in between the playing chess during the honeymoon and the 1930’s flashbacks and the trashcan full of O negative my brain reached the point where no matter how much liquor is in the liquor cabinet it’s never going to be enough. I went into this expecting to snark, but at the end I’m afraid there was no survivors. :( Well at least there’s always next year!

P.s In case anyone gets over their Twilight-has-broken-my-brain hangover to soon, feel free to check out www.mylifeistwilight.com for guaranteed weeping of humanity. ;)

P.p.s Now that Dayna is officially watching Doctor Who, I have to say please,please watch everything in order, and season 4 is (in my opinion) the best.

Dear Sarah,
I tried so hard to snark through this movie, and got in a few good ones, but by the time the real crack started getting onscreen, I just dissolved into incredulous laughter. I’d love to go into detail, but I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for the episode, because we record tomorrow.

And Kevin won’t be on it, because he chickenshitted out of it. XD

As for Doctor Who, I started with the few episodes that Kevin recommended me (“Blink,” “The Empty Child”/”The Doctor Dances”) and then went chronologically. As a result, Nine is officially My Doctor. Still trying to get used to David Tennant.

Danielle writes:
Hey everyone!

This is Danielle (aka snapdragon76 from LJ and Twitter et al) from Florida (the one that’s mostly all coast, lol). I have a lot of stuff to say about Breaking Dawn, but I’ll try to keep it short.

KStew needs to learn to emote. Her job is as an actress, so she really should learn to have more than two expressions.

And maybe it was just me, but the “sex” scene made me wonder if KStew and RPatzz used any of their own ‘personal’ experience seeing as they’re dating IRL and all.

Just me then?

I will say I did kinda like the wedding dress. It would be something I would wear, although not without lots of Spanx!

My theater experience wasn’t too bad. Full, but not where it was uncomfortable. Had plenty of visceral reactions, which was nice. One being during the sippy cup scene. I mean, a clear straw?! Was that really necessary?

Alice continues to be awesome. Her hair was cute. Jasper’s and Carlisle’s on the other hand…

And I find Seth adorable. I think I’m gonna be on Team Seth from now on.

The birth scene wasn’t AS gruesome as I thought. Still, the sounds of Edward chowing down on Bella’s stomach was very disturbing. Almost as much as the blood around his mouth. When I wrote up my review on my LJ, I couldn’t resist using the ‘Alien’ .gif from way back when. :D

The Jacob imprinting wasn’t as bad as it honestly could have been. I am glad they did decide to do the aging up part where he falls for grown Renesmee. Anything other way would’ve raised waaaaaay too many questions with the MPAA I’m sure.

Well, that’s all I’m gonna say here and now. Keep up with the awesomeness and I’ll be looking forward to this episode once it’s posted!

Dear Danielle,

Kristen Stewart being unable to emote went into a joke in my notes. You’ll hear it.

I keep referring to Seth as “The Littlest Werewolf” thanks to Cleo, but the part that made me side-eye was when Leah and Jacob were on the beach talking about imprinting, and you see these happy couples…and then Seth and his two-year-old. What. So…not so much Team Seth, no.

I HAVE to save my reaction to the birth and imprinting for the episode; sorry. <3 Hope you like it when it airs!

5 thoughts on “[Mailbag Mondays] It’s for our Glaucoma, we swear

  1. Hey, thanks for including my email! And Kevin’s not gonna be on this ep? Awww. I was kinda looking forward to his reaction. Still, it’ll be a fun ep, I’m sure.

    And yeah, It was Quil who imprinted on the two-year-old, not Seth. I’m kinda embarrassed I remember that, actually.

    I had sooooo much more written up on my LJ, but I decided to keep it short for email purposes! ;D

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