[1PStart] eversion, Part 2!

eversion, Part 2 – Freaking Letters.


The nightmare continues… and Tessa learns to hate the alphabet. The death count skyrockets (and… gains sentience?), and Tessa remembers just how scared the game makes her as her sanity begins to slip slowly away.

There’s a good two hours of footage in this one that didn’t make the cut, since it was mostly dying to the same things repeatedly and I started quickly going down a path of becoming a little too grumpy at the game, to the point that I just stopped talking for long periods of time in frustration (it actually got worse in the footage coming up that will make up the third and final part, to the point that I doubt any of my initial attempts at world 8 are going to be in there at all). While I know people find me struggling in games entertaining, a lot of the footage quickly got redundant, and without reactions from me there wasn’t much of a point to include it. All the best stuff is in the finished video.

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