[1PStart] Pony Fantasy 6, Parts 29 & 30!

Pony Fantasy 6, Parts 29 & 30 – Rumors Of Our Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.



We’re back!

Um, so yes. Apologies for the huge gaps in between updates. A lot of stuff happened at the end of the year, including such exciting things as flirting briefly with death and working retail during the holiday season. Which is basically the same thing anyways when you really get down to it.

Still, it’s been too long since I’ve gotten any content up, and I do apologize for that. I can actually promise this time that there won’t be anything close to that long between any of the rest of the episodes of this Let’s Play (easy for me to actually commit to seeing as there’s only two to three more parts following these two at most, but hey).

I cheated more than just a little with parts 30 and 31 (which should be up within a few days at most), in that I basically took a TON of footage from pretty much the entire second half of the game and cut it down to about an hour’s worth of highlights. But as I said in the beginning of part 30, an awful lot of that consisted of tedious bits that really didn’t add much of anything other than simply “here’s the game in its entirety being played”. Which the entire Let’s Play has admittedly been plagued with (I want to blame it on the nature of JRPGs, but part of it is due to the fact that I don’t think I can be consistently entertaining for 30-40 minute stretches of time when there isn’t much to comment on going on during the game), and if I ever do attempt to Let’s Play an RPG again, chances are that I’ll probably tend towards the highlight style that I used in 30 and 31 more often. I honestly think it led to two of the more entertaining videos I’ve done (31 moreso than 30, in my own opinion), and I definitely think it’s the most entertaining out of this particular Let’s Play.

In any case, those of you who were waiting patiently for this, thanks for hanging in there with me! We’re almost to the end! And for those that sort of gave up on the videos earlier on, maybe try to give 30 and 31 (when I get it up) a go and see if the style change catches your interest any more than it did before.

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