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My little sister got all the talent. All of it. All of the talent. There is no talent left for the rest of us, she has it all.

What’s your idea of an ideal weekend? As always, feel free to join in on the conversation in the comments.

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Adam Griffith (@kitsunewill)
Hanging out with friends, watching movies and playing video games while indulging in cheap pizza and snacks.

Cleolinda Jones (@cleolinda)
Chillaxing in my secret lair, sipping on a drink prepared by my robot monkey butler. Alcohol may or may not be in it.

Dayna Abel (@queenanthai)
Cuddling with my boys, watching Doctor Who, playing WoW and Rock Band 3, going 72 hours without ridiculous stomach problems, lots of caffeine, perfect weather.

Devin Baker (@eso_si_que)
In which Devin continues to show his age. I’ve come to appreciate quiet weekends. Fooling around online. Running through my Netflix queue. Clipping coupons from the Sunday paper.

I haven’t gotten together with friends to board game in awhile, nor have I gone for a jog through one of Cincinnati’s great parks. Add one or both of those to my typical quiet weekend and I’d call that ideal.

Evelina Burke (@Eviey)
Sleeping in until 11, waking up, making myself a cup of coffee, and watching a 48 Hours Mystery marathon. I am a woman of simple needs.

Noel Thingvall (@NoelCT)
As of the writing of this response, I’m having an ideal weekend in Seattle at ECCC.

As of the posting of this response, I’m wallowing in lonliness and longing for the ideal weekend I’d just had in Seattle at ECCC.

Kevin O’Shea (@alliancesjr)
One day (preferably Saturday) to sit around with no obligations and relax, take a walk outside, play some games, and get some reading in, and one day (preferably Sunday) to go out and see family/friends, get some errands done, and get geared up for future projects.

Rowan Bristol (@RowanBristol)
Depends on the location.

Get off at work, and meet my sweetie at the lobby. We walk to the theatre and catch the Film of the season. Then dinner and wandering Navy pier, taking in the entire skyline before coming home to talk the movie further, drink, and sleep. Saturday, I’m up late (6:30am for me), and take the time to play games and watch movies no one else cares about. When sweetie gets up, I make breakfast and coffee, and we watch shows and get some tidying done. We plan out a dinner, either wandering to get it, or the ingredients to make it, cuddle, make it, and watch movies. Sunday, I get up late (6:30am) again, write and chat for a few hours with a faraway friend, participate in some gaming tournaments, phone family, have friends over and talk about the world.

San Fran:
Get off the plane and get driven to a friends place. Get a quick take out, and spend the evening doing cosplay, makeup and character work with friends, having a silly time while watching films such as ‘heavy metal’, ‘rock and rule’ and ‘Velvet Goldmine’. Light bondage and spanking, sleep.

Get up late. (9am), make breakfast. Make plans for the day, spend 60 minutes arguing about plans. Dress up the gang for an outing at japan town where tourists and locals can gawk. Hit the toy stores, the fashion shops, the candy stores, and the book stores. Watch the gothic lolitas gawk at the ditzy furries buying brand-name products. Get politely kicked out of a few stores. Get home. New costumes, roleplay, heavy bdsm, laughter, cuddling, nap, dinner, music, drunken arguments about the nature of a class based political structure and the absence of God, sleep.

Get up late. (11am) Crawl out of pile of folks. Make breakfast. Drive out to the woods and hike, drive out to Berkeley and shop. Eat at place nobody but one friend has heard of. Go home. Cuddle. Be all tearful that this happens at best twice a year. Go to sleep. Get up early (5am) Fly home.

51st ward.
Get up early. (3am) Fight the icthyoid horrors of John G Shedd. Get takeout. Face the vengeance of the Seasonal court, ending in a party that’s meant to last an eternity. Fight my way out, while not eating anything, lest I remain forever. Hunt a selkie. Go drinking with Selkie. Realize that once you get past the seal skin, they’re really pretty cute and playful. Awaken the previous monday. Repeat.

Sabra Schirm (@cue_face_palm)
Any weekend I don’t have to think about term papers, or lab write-ups, where I can kick back with a good book or movie and just relax sounds pretty damn fantastic to me. Give me until June, when I’m not pulling a 13 credit semester, and I am sure that this will change to something more thrilling/exotic, but for now…that will do.

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  1. Oh, derp. Hit “Reply” instead of “Reply to guy who posts these”.

    Ideal? Multiple options. Finding a quiet place, sitting down, and reading or writing for several hours. Hanging out in WoW with a bunch of people. Spending a couple days with Team Fail in the Chicago area.

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