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You know who’s completely awesome? Alan Menken. The man behind the musical score and half the songs at New Disney, from The Little Mermaid all the way through Tangled, Alan Menken is a golden god. Add to that innovative animation, spectacular voice acting, and questionably-controversial reinterpretations of classic stories from around the world, and you have the one company that has owned me completely since I was too young to know any better. Sure, other companies have proven able to do it better from time to time – The Road to El Dorado, for one, and The Iron Giant never fails to make me cry – but time and again, Disney has been the King. For better or worse, the Mouse is with us.

This week’s question came anonymously from Tumblr: You’ve discovered that you have the ability to hear the soundtrack of your life in your head. What musician, living or dead, scores your daily soundtrack?

Dana Miller (@y_draig_goch)
Harry Gregson Williams

Dayna Abel (@queenanthai)
With my life? Probably Bernard Herrmann.

Devin Baker (@eso_si_que)
In my head: Elmer Bernstein. Propulsive and adventurous. In “reality” Nobuo Uematsu. Music that goes to interesting places, but ultimately circles back home.

Evelina Burke (@Eviey)
Hans Zimmer. And I could see myself commanding “MAKE MY YOGURT EATING SOUND INCEPTIONY!” Because I’d be able to converse with him as he scored my life. And everyone wants their yogurt consumption to sound bad ass.

George Hatch (@Raeseti)
James Horner. Endlessly amusing to hear the Enterprise rising up behind the Reliant cue whenever I sneak behind… well, everybody.

Kevin O’Shea (@alliancesjr)
As I mentioned before, Alan Menken. It’d be catchy and whimsical and he’d win an Oscar for my life, despite me not getting anything for it.

Noel Thingvall (@NoelCT)
Stan Bush

Rowan Bristol (@RowanBristol)
Yaz – Melancholy, poppy, and my early life was disturbingly reminiscent of ‘The Chocolate War’. Did I date myself again?

Sabra Schirm (@cue_face_palm)
A Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd collaboration featuring Ziggy Stardust. Seriously.

Tessa Jerz (@sonozakitwins)
William Anderson would do the score. And Daniel Ingram would write any songs that were involved. And there’d be a LOT of songs. My life could be a musical! Who wouldn’t want their life to be a musical? Non-musical people, that’s who! Which is okay too.

No points for guessing why its these two.

What about you, readers?

7 thoughts on “Ask the Failcrew – Earworms

  1. I’d probably have to agree with Tessa, although I could totally stand to have Joe Hisaishi write the soundtrack to my life. Or “The Track Team” of A:TLA fame. Or maybe some awesome collaboration of all of them!

    • Oh, for the love of… previous comment intended to reply to Ceilidh’s “Clint Mansell”. Turned into a free reply because the captcha was in the wrong field.

      So: Ceilidh: Oh hell yes.

  2. I’d love for it to be Howard Shore, but since my life isn’t NEARLY epic (and I mean “epic” in the true sense of the word, not just “awesome”) enough for that, James Newton Howard and Pink Floyd (who are both incredibly awesome, but not necessarily epic all the time).

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