[Made Of Fail] Episode 27: ECC Squee

Episode 27 is live!


A big thank-you again to Evie, Dana & Ellen for Dayna’s trip to Emerald City Comic-Con! Dayna’s round-up of the trip on her LiveJournal is here and here.

Here’s the origin of the Three Wolf Moon meme, and Jinx.com’s Three Worgen Moon version is available here.

Christopher Pike’s LAST VAMPIRE series is being resurrected soon with Eternal Dawn. What do you all think? Good idea or milking the vampire trend?

Dollhouse fans, you must see Enver Gjokaj’s new webseries “Previously On Point Dume.” (Note: worth it not only for topless Enver, but for the line “Why don’t you ask your dead father for milk?!” Classic.)

Prepare for April 30th by boning up on every Nightmare On Elm Street movie to date, every week on the Now Playing podcast.

From listener Kayla, be sure to check out Mark Reads Twilight, because Kevin is slacking. :)

More anime suggestions from listener Rowan: Brave Raideen and Kimba the White Lion.

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