[Red Pen Reads] A Game of Thrones – Catelyn

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[Red Pen Reads] A Game of Thrones – Catelyn

Ned and Catelyn were married at Riverrun, it was there he left her when he rode off to war, and there that she gave birth to Robb. Now, Riverrun is indisputably Robb’s birthplace, and it is Catelyn’s home, but I wonder at her considering Robb’s return to it as a homecoming. There’s something really wrong about calling Riverrun his home, and I don’t think it’s just my prejudice against Catelyn talking. Robb may have the Tully looks, but as Ned’s heir and Lord of Winterfell, I think his ties to the North are of paramount importance to him, and I don’t know that Catelyn is doing him any favours if she influences him any way towards divided loyalties.

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