[#366Flicks] Post-Credits Scene


Oh wow. I finally did it! Just in time to be another year older. It’s been a long run. I blacked out for a while there, what did I miss?

Wait, who is running for president?!

I started this project because I love movies. I love how they can transport you to different worlds, pull emotions out of you, give you new perspectives, and sometimes even help you get through hard times. So much work and artistry is involved that any film is, on some level, a triumph of its creators.

And there are a lot of different kinds of movies out there. Want some inspirational sci-fi? Watch The MartianCarol will give you a touching heartfelt romance. A gritty crime drama can be found in A Walk Among the Tombstones. Adults and kids alike can enjoy Zootopia‘s message. If you like murder mysteries and the paranormal then Horns is a good pick for you. You can laugh with tongue-in-cheek parodies like Kung Fury or ridiculous situations in Keanu. Gorehounds will enjoy good old-fashioned splatter fests like the Hatchet trilogy. Secretary will give you a peek into alternative sexual practices. And those who just love big bombastic special effects tentpole extravaganzas, well, we have Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Captain America: Civil War. Heck, we even have some really cracktastic weird stuff like Disco Godfather, The Room, and Zandalee. No matter what you want, there is a movie for you.

I wanted to do this to broaden my horizons as well. Sure, I watched a lot of what I know I like. All of the horror and superhero movies can attest to that. But I also wanted to venture a bit outside my usual fare. And watching this many movies, yeah, I had to pull from some random places to fill in the gaps. But it paid off. I got to experience some real gems that I likely wouldn’t have otherwise. The Danish Girl is an excellent drama that I will always remember. Tootsie and Purple Rain both are entertaining films with stronger performances than you’d expect from the plots. And most recently, Casablanca is a mainstay on the American Film Institue’s top 100 list for a reason. It really is an evergreen film, one that should be watched by any cinephile, and I may have never given it a real chance were it not for this little undertaking of mine. Some movies will even have a home on my own list of favorites, Nightcrawler and Kubo and the Two Strings among them.

It’s been rewarding, it’s helped me refine my personal tastes, and it’s satisfying to complete such a long project. And I have you guys to thank. Yes, you. I thank my dad for letting me bum his Netflix mail subscription, my wife for suffering through some of the worst movies ever, CK Russell for the great art I used every week, Dayna for loaning me DVDs, everyone who offered suggestions for movies to watch, and Made Of Fail for giving my crazy idea a home. But most of all, it’s you guys, the readers, whom I thank. Were it not for you, I would have slipped far behind my quota long ago. I almost certainly wouldn’t have finished within my proposed timeframe. I might not have finished at all. But knowing there was someone, anyone, out there reading and enjoying these kept me on track. And that focus helped me through hard times. I had to be here for you because you were here for me.

I had to be here for you because I knew you were here for me.

Thank you, dear readers. I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I did.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going outside.

(That’s a lie, I’m probably going to play a video game.)

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