[Review] Supergirl Episode 1×12: “Bizarro”

written by Jason Froikin and Cara Russell


Being used to the type of arch-villains in comics like Lex Luthor, it’s a strange feeling knowing that even though it looks like Maxwell Lord is beaten and locked in a cell, he’s actually winning. That’s exactly where he wants to be When you consider that angle, it gives you a chill; because you have to think about what kind of dangerous thing he released out there where he feels safer in the custody of the DEO. As it turns out, there were two things, and Bizarrogirl was the distraction.

Just before that, the ending scenes were full of heartbreaking moments. Bizarrogirl’s last scene was kind of heartbreaking because she paid the price for trusting the wrong person, and not knowing any better. But because she was so dangerous, it evoked the kind of feeling you get watching an animal that attacked a human being put down – because it’s for their own good, everyone says. But it really doesn’t make you feel any better about it.

And speaking of heartbreak, I was left feeling bad for Cat Grant. She had such high, if unrealistic, hopes for her formerly estranged son and Kara. Her words to Kara about keeping things professional were dripping with sadness and hurt – her son being pushed away by Kara cut right through Cat’s iron exterior. Winn’s way of dealing with his pain, though, is to return to weirdness, and whine about being in the “friendzone”. It made me wish James would have told him to mind his own business. The weirdest thing about it is that he’s doing it entirely behind Kara’s back.


* * *

It seems redundant to say “there’s a lot going on in Supergirl this week”, but it’s an accurate statement. Max Lord’s sleeping beauty is revealed to be a eugenics experiment – comatose girls fitting Supergirl’s physical description are injected with a stolen bit of Kryptonian DNA, giving them similar powers. Naturally, he uses his successful project to send a Supergirl lookalike to cause havoc while claiming to be doing it for the greater good (and human supremacy over aliens and the super-powered like). You may even believe him if not for his dopple-girl calling him “my lord”, and the whole ick factor over eugenics. We just had a holocaust allusion last week! And it’s doubled over again at the end of this episode, when Alex has Max Lord imprisoned within the DEO headquarters after being wrongfully (though oh-so-delightfully) arrested, which he even refers to as part of the “American Way”. There’s so much to unpack with that, I don’t even know where to start.

Winn also makes a full return, enticed into speaking with Kara again with the mystery of Bizzarogirl (who is played by Hope Lauren, with great props to the makeup department). Unfortunately for the rest of us, despite the tech help he offers, he does mention being in “the friendzone” while commiserating with James over Kara’s budding romance with Adam Foster – which erases any sympathy I had for him, and even some respect I had for James. What does interest me though, is that neither actively sabotaged Kara’s shot with Adam, and instead it is Kara herself who turns Adam away when she is unable to fit him into her hectic life of heroism, even after being encouraged by Alex to embrace these normal moments. It brings up an interesting callback to previous episodes that centered around choice, and the priorities we make.

Both of those – Winn’s return, and Adam’s departure – have me a little disappointed with this episode, even though it wasn’t bad on a technical level. It feels a little too “status quo, restored”, when the shakeup was looking fairly bright and sunny. However, this may have been the intent, given the teaser for next week. While I think “the girl who has everything” isn’t quite accurate for Kara as she is, it’ll definitely be interesting to get a peek into her ideal paradise.


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One thought on “[Review] Supergirl Episode 1×12: “Bizarro”

  1. While I liked the episode, I’m still not sold on Max Lord as this great villain. He’s Lex Luthor Lite, and rather than feel worried about what he’ll do, I feel annoyed. There just doesn’t seem to be any real reason for what he’s doing. Even something along the lines of ‘lost someone important during a Superman/Alien battle’, thus he hates aliens would help. I can see hints, maybe. He’s immensely controlling and seeks acclaim and adulation, but even that seems watered down.

    Kara’s aunt was a far more compelling antagonist. Even Livewire was better. They really need to work on making him into something more than a shadow of Luthor.

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