[Review] Supergirl Episode 3×12: “For Good”

written by Cara Russell


Welcome to Supergirl, where our corporate overlords clash and remind us that not every threat comes from beyond the stars! Morgan Edge blames an assassination attempt on Lena Luthor, and he retaliates by having her poisoned. The Daring Danvers Duo’s quick response ensures that Lena survives, but the whole debacle brings Lillian Luthor (who is responsible for Edge’s near-death) back out from under her rock to take vengeance and try to tempt Lena to the dark side.

Lillian fails, of course, giving Lena the opportunity to show how she uses her crafty “Luthor” skills to outwit, outsmart and outlast any obstacles in her path without resorting to straight-up murder or super-suit rampages. We also get to see James in the Guardian suit again, as well as acting the hero in his civilian life when he runs down Lena’s would-be assassin.

Meanwhile, Alex puts her medical expertise to use running diagnostics on Sam Arias, to ultimately reveal that nothing is technically wrong with her. While it seems comforting to Alex, Sam is quick to rightfully point out that “nothing” is still giving her memory gaps and other serious symptoms. On the bright side, it does cause Sam to come clean with the others, who rally around her in support so she’ll no longer need to lie to cover her lapses (something she’s not used to, given her upbringing).

After so many episodes which were crammed with plot and new characters, it’s nice to have a breather to get in touch with our supporting cast again, while still furthering the season plots which had been kept out of the spotlight. However, I can’t help but be disappointed in Morgan Edge, as the casting of Adrian Pasdar is too brilliant to waste on a foil who is so easy to manipulate. I was hoping for better for you, buddy.

Supergirl airs Monday nights at 8 Eastern/7 Central on the CW. Cara can be reached on Twitter @virtualcara.

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