[Review] The Flash (2014) Episode 3×07: “Killer Frost”

We didn’t forget about Flashcaps. We would never do that. Barry must have messed up the time stream again. Oh, that Barry! Anyway, have a new recap of CW’s The Flash.


How you doing?

Spoilers under the cut.

It’s, ah…been a little bit. Look, I genuinely, honestly intended to write this review right after I watched the episode. Then I watched the episode, decided I needed to ruminate on it a bit, and completely forgot to come back to it. I apologize profusely to what readership I have left. Funny thing, though. After my lovely Executive Producer informed me I was over two weeks behind, I set aside time the next morning to watch the episode, not even remembering I had already watched it two weeks ago. So, it’s going to be one of those episodes.

Actually, it’s not bad for the most part. The Savitar stuff, despite looking just awful, is really well done writing-wise. It presents a mystery without giving too many clues at first, it definitely gives Barry a real challenge without forcing him into the idiot plot, and Savitar is creepy enough to come off as the big bad the show desperately needed this season. The transformation of Wally into a speedster was solid, although I would have liked it to go on a little longer.

While I have a chance to address it, I dislike how Iris and Joe are continually depicted as super-knowledgeable about Wally (and vice-versa) when they’ve barely known each other for a year. That’s not how humans bond, and it’s beginning to really grate my cheese.

As for the Caitlin stuff…I don’t know how, but they’ve made Killer Frost boring. That’s impressive, because she really shouldn’t be. I found myself tuning out whenever she came on screen, just because they’re trying to draw this out for the next few months. To use a wrestling analogy, which I am wont to do, they’re trying to tease Caitlin’s heel turn like Randy Savage’s versus Hulk Hogan. It was almost a year-long burn which saw Savage’s paranoia slowly bubble up as he questioned everything about his partnership with Hogan, including Hogan’s intentions towards Miss Elizabeth, their manager and Savage’s girlfriend. Randy Savage, however, was interesting and watchable in a way Caitlin Snow is not. No, this needed a little build, then a fast turn with devastating results. Basically, Caitlin should have thrown Cisco into the barbershop window while Barry was searching for Savitar.

But I digress…

As for the stuff with Julian…why do they keep trying to pair Caitlin with whoever the guest star of the year is? Oh, right, Kreisberg. Thank the prophets his reign of terror is over. Anyway, Julian is Alchemy, ooh, ahh, I did not see that coming.

Next episode is…wait, I already reviewed it. Hallelujah! I get a bre– oh, right. Well, I’ll just link this here (http://www.madeoffail.net/reviews/review-the-flash-episode-3×08-invasion-part-one/) and set a reminder to actually write the next damn review.

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