[Review] The Flash (2014) Episode 3×13: “Attack On Gorilla City”

Everyone on Earth-1 has heard Weezer covering Toto, but on Earth-2 it was Toto who covered Weezer. Enjoy this recap of CW’s The Flash.

Welcome to Flashcaps! This week we have a very special episode of the Flash to quip about. This week’s episode is called “Attack On Gorilla City”, a.k.a. “We plopped our entire budget into the CGI effects for this one.”

Spoilers under the cut.

Jesse’s back from Earth-2, but not for fun times with Wally. Her Dad’s been kidnapped by Gorilla Grodd and she needs Team Flash’s help. Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin volunteer and begin preparing to break on through (to the other side). Barry asks Julian to cover for him, but Dr. Love decides he needs to tag along to protect Caitlin.

On Earth-2, they are almost immediately captured. Bad news: they can’t use their powers to escape. Good news: Harry’s alive! Bad news: Grodd’s taken over his mind. Good news: But it comes with a free frogurt!

Grodd wants Flash to kill Gorilla City’s leader, Solovar, in order to halt an invasion on Earth-1. Also so he can take over as the leader. Mostly the latter. Barry makes a deal with Solovar when they finally meet: if he can beat Solovar in the arena, he and his friends go free. Solovar agrees, and they get on with the duel.

Seriously, Cisco might as well just throw out a Pok├ęball and capture Solovar after that. Barry makes a plea for peace (#NotAllHumans), but Grodd has him knocked out. When Barry awakens, Grodd admits he lied. It was his plan to lead an invasion of Earth-1, not Solovar’s. He just needs Cisco to open a breach. While they mope, the group comes up with a plan: someone needs to die. I already don’t like this plan. This is not a good plan.

When Grodd checks in on them next, Barry’s blue and has no pulse. Because Grodd didn’t know Caitlin has powers now, she was able to freeze Barry to just before the point of death. Away from the cage and the power dampening, Barry vibrates out of Feign Death and is able to free the rest. Cisco opens a breach, and they make it back to Earth-1 with Harry.

Wally and Jesse have hashed out some of their relationship problems, and she’s going to try and stay on Earth-1 for now. I suppose congratulations are in order, since this almost certainly isn’t a two-parter or anything. Barry and Iris muse that since this potentially changed something in the future, he might actually get a decent night’s sleep for once. But wait! Grodd’s not done, for he has captured Cynthia Reynolds and his army is ready to invade.

It’s easy to see why this one remains a favorite of so many. The plot is streamlined, there’re enough character moments for everyone, and the CGI is fairly impressive for the small screen. I’m not as high on it because Grodd episodes are becoming more and more contrived for me and I hope they took a break from the character in Season Four.

Come back in a couple of weeks for the conclusion. Same Flash time, same Flash time, same Flash time, same Flash…oh goddammit, Barry.

When he gets out of his causality loop, you can find George Hatch on Twitter at @Raeseti.

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