[Review] The Flash (2014) Episode 3×23: “Finish Line”

We wrap up Flashcaps today with the Season Three finale before taking off till June. In the meantime, please root for the Saints tomorrow ’cause we want to get to the Super Bowl, baby! Enjoy this recap of CW’s The Flash.

Picking up from last week. Iris is dead…OR IS SHE?!

Spoilers under the cut.

As Barry holds Iris’ seemingly lifeless corpse, a pair of drumsticks fall to the ground. As H.R. runs out onto the rooftop Joe is on, “Iris” comes back to life and uses the facial transmogrifier to turn back into H.R., who used the piece of Savitar’s armor to find and switch places with Iris. H.R. dies a hero.

I’m conflicted. The character infuriates me to no end, for reasons I can’t quite fully explain. But this was a truly well-done twist to the narrative that deserves praise and kudos.

In the middle of all of this, Savitar has stolen the Speed Force bazooka and goes to get Killer Frost and Cisco. He tells Frost to keep Cisco alive because he wants him to build something, but new memories come rushing in and they all realize the future is changing. Savitar is now on a timer.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Julian is filled in and they run down what’s happening with Savitar. Julian reveals he has a cure for Killer Frost, and Wally runs in to tell them that both Frost and Cisco are missing.

At Savitar’s hideout, Cisco taunting Savitar backfires a little when Savitar reveals his plan B: Cisco rejiggers the bazooka into an intradimensional quantum splicer, capable of projecting Savitar into every moment in time. And to get Cisco to go along with the plan, he threatens to murder Killer Frost, Reverse-Flash style, if he doesn’t help.

Meanwhile, Barry is in the Time Vault when Iris comes looking for him. He talks about his anger towards Thawne and Zolomon, how he used it before for good reasons, but he doesn’t think it’ll work this time. So he has a new plan.

Barry meets Savitar, sans armor, in what I think is Wally’s old garage. He tries to reach the Barry Allen who’s buried underneath Savitar’s pain and scars and asks him to come back to S.T.A.R. Labs so they can stop him from being erased from existence. Barry shares a memory of the best day of his life with his mom and dad, and it seems to get to Savitar. They go back to S.T.A.R. Labs, and after the rest of the team gets ready to fight Savitar, Iris talks to him, touches him, and seemingly heals his soul a little bit. Tracy, on the other hand, is not so forgiving, so they get Harry to make a cameo and try and convince her to help.

After some very pointed questions about his future, Savitar speeds off to supposedly bring Cisco and Caitlin home. But it turns out he put the Philosopher’s Stone in the breach room to feed off the interdimensional energy there and then explode. Barry and Wally manage to save everybody while Savitar returns to his hideout to complete his plan. Cisco’s done with the bazooka modifications, and Savitar tells Killer Frost to kill him. Fortunately, Cynthia Reynolds shows up to save Cisco, and they teleport to Barry and Iris’ apartment.

In the park, Savitar opens a portal into the Speed Force and tells Killer Frost to get ready. The Black Flash jumps out and tries to get to Savitar, but Killer Frost freezes him in place and he crumbles, finally dead. Savitar then steps in front of the portal and Frost shoots him with the bazooka, fragmenting him into the Speed Force…except no, Cisco’s not that stupid. He sabotaged the cannon and turned it into a skeleton key, releasing Jay Garrick. The heroes group up, and the final battle begins.

The speedsters chase after Savitar while Cisco and Cynthia fight Killer Frost. Savitar manages to Anime Leap and Kamehameha the ground, creating an explosive blast that knocks the speedsters down. Cisco and Cynthia get Killer Frost down, but give her a choice to become Caitlin again. Savitar attacks them and prepares to vibrate his fist through Cisco’s chest, but Caitlin blasts him and sends the would-be god flying into a tree. Barry comes running in, but gets clotheslined by Savitar.

After Savitar threatens to kill the whole West clan before he dies, Barry vibrates into the Savitar suit and pushes his time remnant out of it. Barry beats the living crap out of Savitar and is close to murdering him, but stops himself. He won’t become a monster, and shatters the suit. Barry gives Savitar what he thinks is a knock-out blow, but Savitar gets back up, ready to kill Barry. Just before he does it, though, Iris shoots him in the back. Savitar disappears.

After the commercial break, Iris is giving H.R.’s eulogy. The team takes turns saying goodbye at his grave, and Barry gives Cisco H.R.’s final words: this took strength and Cisco gave it to him. They get ready to leave, but notice Caitlin spying on them. She tells them she’s going away, but she’s neither Caitlin nor Killer Frost and wants to find out who she is.

Back at the apartment, Barry and Iris finally have a second or two to breathe. Barry asks her if she’s okay with what she did, and she says that maybe it’ll hit her in the future. They have a few more minutes of being together, and then all of the shit hits all of the fans.

A red and yellow lightning storm has engulfed the city and is causing earthquakes. S.T.A.R. Labs is pretty toast, but Cisco tells Wally to reverse the polarity on the neutron flow. They figure out that the storm is the Speed Force bleeding energy onto the Earth because the prison it had to keep Savitar is empty. Barry decides to go into it to close the breach. He starts saying his goodbyes, but Iris isn’t having any of this. The Speed Force opens a portal and assumes the persona of Barry’s mother again, reassuring them that Barry will not be going to hell, but he needs to go with her. Barry says the rest of his farewells, and goes into the Speed Force to pay his penance for Flashpoint.

A fantastic end to a season that started off meh, got really bad in places, but really was very good once it found its pace. I’m going on hiatus until the summer, then we get to Season Four. Which should be fun, as I have not seen a majority of it, so we’ll get back to the first impressions Flashcaps started off as.

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