[Review] The Flash (2014) Episode 4×20: “Therefore She Is”

Welcome back to Flashcaps, where we review previous seasons of the CW’s The Flash.

written by George Hatch

This week, “Relationship Goals” is not a phrase you’ll be using regarding the DeVoes. Or should use. Ever.

Spoilers under the cut.

The Plot: In between flashbacks about how the DeVoes met and fell in love and decided to become supervillains, Team Flash must figure out the Thinker’s plot and try and get ahead of him. To do so, they call on Cynthia, who’s still waiting on Cisco to make a decision about being her partner (in a trans-dimensional law enforcement sense). Barry tries and fails to get them on the same page. Nice job breaking them up, hero.

The Good: I don’t think I’ve given her much credit, so let me go ahead and say that I love Jessica Camacho’s performance and I’m really going to miss her. The chemistry she had with Carlos Valdes was great, and his reactions after the breakup are heartwrenching. On the other hand, this episode does a really good job of making the Thinker a genuine threat to everybody, even if I feel like it’s too little, too late in the season. This episode demonstrates just how much power has corrupted Clifford, but it also does a good job showing the red flags that were there from the beginning. I also like that it gives Cecille something to do for the rest of the season besides be pregnant, even if it’s just to further Harry’s plotline along. And Marlize finally leaving Clifford made me cheer, if just a little.

The Bad: While they do have a purpose, the sepia-tinted flashbacks to Marlize and Clifford’s past kinda interrupt the flow of the main storyline. Barry trying to play relationship guru makes him seem manipulative and really detracts from his general likeability. On top of that, “The Enlightenment” being about making people stupid is…well, stupid. As soon as you realize how many nuclear plants would blow the fuck up because their employees are no longer able to operate them, along with the subsequent ecological disaster, it becomes apparent that the Thinker never actually thought about the ramifications of his plan.

Still, this was a great episode. It accomplished a lot, did it with good character work (mostly), and if this were the penultimate episode, I’d be ready for the finale. (That’s good!) But no, there are two more episodes before the finale. (That’s bad.) But we get Amunet Black! (That’s good!) But it’s her last appearance. (That’s bad.) But it comes with a free frogurt! (That’s good!) The frogurt is also cursed. (That’s bad.) But you get a free choice of toppings! (That’s good!) The toppings contain potassium benzoate.

…That’s bad.


Seasons 1-5 of The Flash are available now on Netflix. You can find George Hatch on Twitter at @Raeseti wondering if he can go now.

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