Meet the Failcrew – Sabra Schirm

I’ve always been a fan…of cheesy horror movies, of books, of movies, of travel, of theatre, etc. Life would be very bored indeed if there was nothing to “fangasm” over. So thank you, Made of Fail, for letting me fangasm all over you…er, wait…

What is your role in Made of Fail Productions?

Currently, I am writing a (cheeky) The Ohtori Archives (*cough*ShamelessPlug*cough*), a review blog of Hatori Bisco’s Ouran High School Host Club, a parody on the reverse-harem/high school romance genres. I’m nearly done with the first volume (so, so close), and am looking forward to writing about the insanity that’s to come.

…there’s a lot of that to come, actually. Probably more than I can remember. O.o
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[The Ohtori Archives] Congratulations, it’s a…Host!

In which our gender-neutral protagonist gets bitch-slapped by fate disguised as a plot-point, I over-use Harry Potter jokes, snark, and the strike through font, and we meet a group of rich boys catered to the Reverse Harem Otakus’ every fantasy. This isn’t just Fluff, it’s Candy-friggin-Mountain.

Ouran High School Host Club-Fan service and a cup of tea