[The Ohtori Archives] Dr. RuPaul, Mr. Bitch-Face

Madness and a lot of Tamaki-Smashing awaits you in this episode of Ouran.  Join me for a Clash of the Divas, between Tamaki Suou and Kick-Ass Cross-dresser,  Ryoji Fujioka~!


Ouran High School Host Club-One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you


[The Ohtori Archives] Home Invasion-Host Club Style

In this post, the review humbly offers up a full chapter AND a Bonus Episode so you don’t kill her for ending on a Cliff-Hanger chapter.  Nosy Hosts, Annoyed Haruhi, and Fabulous Fujioka Ryoji…Kampai!


Ouran High School Host Club-Warm Fuzzies Have Eaten My Brain

[The Ohtori Archives] The Twins Put a Spell on Haruhi

Welcome to Ouran High School Host Club’s Hallowe’en episode, in which the Twins’ dickery runs rampant, Tamaki shows the Cullens how a REAL Glitter-pire does it, and Mori is a Giant Puppy.  Kick back with a Hallowe’en cookie and a Jack’O’Lantern for this Episode of Glorious Shenanigans~!


Ouran High School Host Club-Hikaru! Kaoru! You have some ‘splainin’ to DO!

[The Ohtori Archives] Sex on the Beach, Baby

What do you get when you combine sand, sun, Nekozawa, and a few mili-seconds of soft-core Hentai-tease?  This next entry.  Sit back with a Mai Thai and enjoy~!

Ouran High School Host Club- Nekozawa, Clone or Evil Twin of His Blondeness?