[Anglo-Filles] Episode 11 – You didn’t complain when Watson was a mouse

When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be Lucy Liu. Using deductive reasoning, you must’ve surmised, dear listeners, that Les Filles are discussing the Sherlock Holmes oeuvre this month. Join us as we reminisce about our favourite classic adaptations and delve into the pros and cons of the new crop.

Hey, did you know that the term “smoking gun” comes from a Sherlock Holmes story?

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One thought on “[Anglo-Filles] Episode 11 – You didn’t complain when Watson was a mouse

  1. Soooo, I agree that the new Sexy Sherlock era is good for everyone (seriously, everyone, they’re so hot), but am I the only one who had a crush on Basil the mouse detective? Something about his confident, maniacal grin as he sprang the trap, and then his sodden vulnerability as he was fighting Ratigan in the clock tower, and then his exhausted, sheepish smile as he pedaled up out of the fog. I don’t know, I just remember there being specific scenes where as a young girl I was like “why is that animated mouse… hot? *head tilt*” I can’t remember how old I was when I first watched it.

    I was linked to you guys from Cleo’s tumblr, and I’m so happy I’m finally listening in! You guys are great. Agree to the millionth power on all counts about Moffat’s Sherlock. It’s been difficult for me to see his personal prejudices come out, because for a long time he was “that guy who always wrote the best Doctor Who episodes” to me. (This was before his days as the show runner, when his weaknesses really started to show.) That Blind Banker episode made me so very angry. I got a cruel and relatively recent awakening to how Asian culture was portrayed in media with the whole Last Airbender fiasco, but since then, I’ve done a lot of more research on it, and the trend has only been reinforced with casting and portrayals in countless other shows, that episode included. It makes Elementary’s success very poetic.

    I will admit to loving his Irene Adler at first, and then having kind of a Fridge Logic negative reaction as I thought about it more. And especially when compared to the mind-blowing amazingness that is Elementary. Plus that quote from Moffat encompasses everything that rubs me the wrong way about it, so well done on finding it. I always rather thought that “she loved him” as a reason was too trite and reductive, though. I mean, we get it, love conquers all, I guess, but it was a very clumsy “but… LOVE, OBVS” that worked for short term shock value but not long-term or in-depth story structure.

    I was also very, very pleasantly surprised by Elementary. At first I was afraid they were just throwing Lucy Liu in there for token purposes, but it was done so well. Sometimes it comes off as the show runners having a mental checklist, i.e. We must have one (1) each of Asian, Black, Hispanic, female, characters. In the world of Elementary, it’s just a part of the fabric of the story, and it feels real.That’s also one of the reasons I really love Hannibal too, that they can capture the spirit of the source material, while truly updating it by gender-flipping characters, and races, and not having women get raped. I just wish Hannibal and Elementary weren’t fighting for ratings.

    Anyway, holy crap sorry this is so long, thanks again for the podcast, am excited to listen to your Pacific Rim one in the car, TTFN.

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