[#366Flicks] Because why not?

I feel like embarking on a cinematic adventure. Join me, won’t you?

I’ve heard of some people watching a new movie every week for a year as a promise to themselves. Some people watch a new movie every DAY. It’s a way for them to almost force themselves to broaden their horizons. And do you know what I say to those people?


The typical year only has 365 days! I’m going to attempt to show them all up by doing this task over the next year, a LEAP year! That’s 366 movies! That’s ONE WHOLE MOVIE more than those chumps! Ha!

I’m going to be blogging along the way, so here’s hoping I have something interesting to say about the movies I’m watching from time to time. I imagine there will be a few choice words here and there simply because of sheer statistics; there will be a LOT of movies to potentially talk about. This is where you guys can help! I’ve already got a fairly long list of movies that I wanted to see but didn’t as well as older movies that simply weren’t in my wheelhouse years ago but were popular icons of the day or are still commonly referenced that I want to educate myself with. And I’ll be seeing new movies in the theater of course. But just like Johnny Five, I crave input!

What movies do you think are important films that should be watched? What movies are great? What movies are so bad they’re hilarious? What movies did you love as a kid and want to force on me? Now is the time to bend me to your will. If you have a suggestion go ahead and comment here or find me on Twitter.

Just to be weird, instead of running this project from January 1st to December 31st like a sane person, I’ll be running it for the entirety of my 34th year of life. I will begin on my birthday, October 12th, 2015, and keep watching movies until my next birthday in 2016. Even when I’m not writing about the movies I’m seeing I will try to keep a running list of the movies I’ve watched over here.

…man, I’m gonna need a lot of popcorn…

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