Episode Guide

Hosts: Kevin O’Shea and Dayna Abel

Episode 01: Content? Not In Our Contracts!
Episode 02: I Remember When I Used To Really Be Into Nostalgia*
Episode 03: Computer Hacking (and Wheezing)
Episode 04: Superhero Super-Special
Episode 05: This Is How We Roll
Interlude: Now With 50% Less Sodium
Episode 06: We’re Bad Enough Dudes To Rescue the President
Episode 07: What, Would You Prefer “Undead American”?
Episode 08: Your Material Does Not Suit Our Needs At This Time
Episode 09: Do You Believe In the Boogeyman? OR: What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?
Episode 10: Do We Dazzle You?
Episode 11: Your Regularly Scheduled Program
Episode 12: Buckets Of Explosions!
Episode 13: And That’s When the Internet Exploded
Episode 14: Quis Custodiet…Oh, You Know the Rest
Episode 15: We Think This Show’s Mostly Filler
Episode 16: Episode Fifteen Part Two: The Real One
Episode 17: We Were Unpopular Before It Was Cool
Episode 18: Anniversary the First – Acoustic Boogaloo!
Episode 19: We Put On Our Robes and Wizard Hats
Episode 20: Cataclysms, Compocalypses and Crudeness
Episode 21: Something To Sing About
Episode 22: Don’t Taunt the Fear Demon
Episode 23: FACE PUNCH!!
Episode 24: Content May Have Shifted
Episode 25: Narrative Causality
Episode 26: What Can Otaku Do For You?
Episode 27: ECC Squee
Episode 28: Let Me Show You Them
Episode 29: If You Liked It, Then You Should Have Put A Power Ring On It
Episode 30: Whatever You Do…Don’t. Fall. Asleep.
Episode 31: Second Anniversary LIVE Extravaganza
Episode 32: Powdered Sparklepire
Episode 33: kekeke zerg rush
Episode 34: Self-Esteem Is For Everybody
Episode 35: It Gets Better
Episode 36: In Conclusion, Alan Rickman
Episode 37: It Goes Ding When There’s Stuff
Episode 38: If the Monkey Wants Your Banana
Episode 39: Do Not Leave Co-Hosts Unattended
Interlude 2: Would You Like Yeshua To Kill It For You?
Episode 40: Join YA Mafia Wars [Accept/Deny]
Episode 41: Back To Basics
Episode 42: Feeling A Little Horse
Episode 43: Year Three Has Issues
Episode 44: Mischief Managed
Episode 45: Queue Queue
Episode 46: Love Is On the Air Tonight
Episode 47: Damn You, Barry Allen!
Episode 48: And Then the Werewolf Fell In Love With the WAIT WHAT
Episode 49: The Show Must Go On

Hosts: Dayna Abel and George Hatch

Episode 50: Everybody Fest!
Episode 51: Tell Me About the Kittens, George [episode removed for personal reasons]
Episode 52: Dead Guys Have No Reason To Live
Episode 53: What Is This, A Joke?
Episode 54: Some Assembly Required
Episode 55: Four More Years! Four More Years!
Episode 56: Fish Fish Possum Possum
Episode 57: George Wants Liefeld Tentacle Pr0n
Episode 58: Pandaring To the Audience
Episode 59: Everybody Dies and Lives Happily Ever After
Episode 60: That’s What We’re Tolkien About
Episode 61: Is This Thing On? [episode removed for personal reasons]
Episode 62: We Interrupt This Program
Episode 63: Captain Picard Wouldn’t Break That Window
Episode 65: Khan Artistry
Episode 66: 5th Anniversary Video Special
Episode 67: Shut Up and Take My Money
Episode 68: Punch Punch Destroy
Episode 69: Kidneys! [episode removed for personal reasons]
Episode 70: Suicide Is Not Painless
Episode 71: The Forest Of Death
Episode 72: Suck It, Trebek
Episode 73: Catering To the Casuals
Episode 74: Six Years Of Awesome

Hosts: Cleolinda Jones and Emily Whitten

Episode 75: Charmingly Wackadoo
Episode 76: Totally Cromulent
Episode 77: Conventions: We Just Live Here Now
Episode 78: The Wrath Of Con

Hosts: various

Episode 79: Never Ask About the Whiskey
Episode 80: Polite Company
Episode 81: Overpromised and Underdelivered
Episode 82: Best Of Both Worlds
Episode 83: MacGyver Dress Form
Episode 84: A Thing That You Do
Episode 85: When I Was Your Age
Episode 86: Maybe the Real Podcast Was the Friends We Made Along the Way ***FINAL EPISODE***