[Review] Crash Override by Zoë Quinn

written by Dayna Abel

This is going to be a biased review.

I’m stating this right at the start because, two years ago, I needed Crash Override, the nonprofit from which this book takes its name. (Technically it’s from the movie Hackers, about which the less said the better.) While it wasn’t anywhere near on the scale of what happened to Zoë Quinn – it was about two months of harassment, threats and slander from one internet edgelord with a medium-sized following – it was enough to unnerve me to the point where I turned to Crash Override for help.

I ended up chatting with Zoë for about twenty minutes about the abuse, listening to their advice on damage control, and maybe another ten minutes fangirling over the latest World Of Warcraft expansion with them. Zoë Quinn and Crash Override helped me through an extremely shitty time in my life, stopped it from getting shittier, and provided invaluable resources which I would, in turn, use to help out a friend later on down the line whose sister had been targeted and doxxed by an internet hate mob. I am extremely grateful to Zoë for their kindness and their sincere help.

I’m stating my bias at the start because one of those people who have a hate-boner for Zoë will more than likely come across this on page thirty-seven of Google search results for their name and act like a predictable dick. To which I state: I do not pay myself for any content I produce for Made of Fail and also I’m not a real journalist so piss off with your “ethics” horseshit.

Gosh, the internet is fun. Let’s talk about the book.
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[Review] Star Wars: Thrawn by Timothy Zahn

written by George Hatch

I’ve been a Star Wars fan for most of my life, but it wasn’t until my late teens that I was really turned on to the novels in the Extended Universe. I spent a good portion of my twenties voraciously reading the next chapters in the post-Return Of the Jedi era, until I felt a sense of closure at the end of the Legacy Of the Force series. Six years later, Disney bought Lucasfilm, ending the Extended Universe and establishing a new one. However, Disney did an interesting thing when it grandfathered the Clone Wars cartoon into their new cartoon, Star Wars: Rebels: they brought back fan-favorite characters, such as Ahsoka Tano. It was a sign that not all the old EU characters were destined for the great space dustbin.
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