[Review] Jessica Jones Episode 2×04: “God Help the Hobo”

written by Brandon Moore

We open this week on Jessica participating in a court-ordered anger management class that proves to be effeahahaHAHAHA…I’m sorry, I couldn’t keep a straight face thinking about that. Ahh, good times here with episode four.

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[Review] Jessica Jones Episode 1×13: “Smile”

Season Finale, of course there will be spoilers. Durr.

The illusions are dispelled, truths are revealed, and…oh, who am I kidding? Even the season finale didn’t answer a damn thing when the dust finally settled. Suffice to say we’ve finally reached a conclusion in the Jessica vs. Kilgrave battle, but we’ve certainly come across more questions than what we started with. Enjoy your Boxing Day as we put this season down for a winter’s nap – Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Episode 13.

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[Review] Jessica Jones Episode 1×12: “Take A Bloody Number”

Spoilers are here, lurking within the paragraphs.  

A humble confession on this day; the day of Festivus or whatever other sacred day you choose to honour. I got the feeling as I watched this episode that it was intended to be viewed alongside the previous one. A lot of events transpired around the same time, and quite honestly I think this episode was the more interesting of the pair. If you were wondering where Kilgrave was hiding in the last while, or why Luke has suddenly reappeared in the picture, then we have a good episode here for you. Join in as we unwrap Marvel’s Jessica Jones – Episode 12.

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[Review] Jessica Jones Episode 1×11: “I’ve Got the Blues”

written by Jamus

Here’s an analogy for you. Let’s suppose you’ve got a serious jones (heh) for cookie dough ice cream. Let’s suppose you’ve been hearing advertisements for said frozen treat all day, and now after a hard day’s work, you’ve arrived at your local ice-cream-getting-place (Dairy Queen, Cold Stone, whatever) to get some. But then the person who is serving up that sweet stuff says “Oh, we have it. But we can’t let you have any until next week because we want to get rid of all this butterscotch first.”

Now, butterscotch is still a fine option in the land of iced creams. You can still go home reasonably satisfied with what you have to work with. But it’s the principle of the matter. They have what you want in the back, but they just won’t serve it until an arbitrary time limit has passed, and not until they clean out the rest of the stuff on the shelf.

That’s basically how I felt after I finished watching this episode. Grab yourself something sweet to snack on and let’s find out what went wrong in Episode 11 of Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

No big spoilers, but a big fight. That’s okay, right? You guys are cool with that?
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[Review] Jessica Jones Episode 1×10: “1,000 Cuts”

written by Jamus

So apparently the creators of Jessica Jones anticipated there being some complaints about the series by this point. Namely, the fact that there just wasn’t enough character death featured in the show. Well, the creators decided to proactively write in a solution to this anticipated problem and packed it all into this episode. So now all of your murder cravings get addressed in a neat little package. Let’s see how they pulled off this creation of flawless logic in Jessica Jones, Episode 10: “1,000 Cuts”.

Three more heavy spoilers here. Read at your own risk.
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