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Mailbag Mondays is a weekly feature of Made of Fail Productions. Send in your questions, comments, and thoughts to made_of_fail@yahoo.com! Kevin takes your letters this week.

I’ve been feeling all sorts of productive lately. Two – soon to be three – audio dramas, scheduling a bunch of appearances on podcasts, and getting all my holiday shopping done in one weekend. (No, not this weekend. This weekend was procrastinating in wrapping said presents.)

Then, of course, I start looking for well-done recontextualization videos. Mostly for shows with credits in the style of other shows. The Buffy-style credits are popular for things such as Doctor Who, Charmed, and interestingly How I Met Your Mother, but sometimes anime credit sequences can be some of the most fun when gotten right.

Aloysius Pseudonym III writes:
If I wanted to pitch a project to Made of Fail Productions, how would I go about doing that? And what would joining the family really entail?

That’s a very good question! Basically, what you’d need to do is get ahold of me. Sending in an e-mail is usually the best way, and I’d strike up the dialogue with you when we’re both free.

Provided the nature of the project, if it looks like you’d be a good fit, I’d be willing to offer advice, support, and access to the Made of Fail resources. I’d mostly leave you to your own devices – it would remain your project after all – but there are a variety of different things we could help with.

If you did join the Made of Fail family, you’d get a feature on Meet the Failcrew, have premier opportunity to start new projects and appear on pre-existing ones, and you’d also get added to the Production mailing list, when I ask for opinions on where our community is heading.

Elias Grenada writes:
Is it strange coming up with your own questions?

A bit, to be perfectly honest. I should probably have done this along a theme, but I’m taking care of this last-minute before work.

Alright, fine, I’ll grab a real e-mail.

The most recent e-mail on the inbox writes:
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      • Then I am definetly going to email you in a few days when I get home from christmas vacation. (Though really, being around my very young, very loud nieces and nephews for a week straight isn’t much of a vacation. :))

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