[Mailbag Mondays] Happy Holidays

Mailbag Mondays is a weekly feature of Made of Fail Productions. Send in your questions, comments, and thoughts to made_of_fail@yahoo.com! Dayna’s answering the mailbag this week!

Happy Non-Denominational Holidays to everyone out there! How did you all spend your weekend?

Alina writes:
I get the mothership podcast through iTunes and manually add the square image of the Horn of Geek!Plenty to serve as the podcast’s album art on my iPhone. I was wondering, though, if you can add that or any other of your images to the iTunes feed on your end so that all episodes automatically come with it? I know it’s possible for podcast episodes to come with cover art because some of my other podcasts do.

Speaking of iTunes and the podcast, I promised to write up a guide on how to get manually downloaded mp3 files of old episodes to show up in the same podcast episode list as the newest episodes in iTunes, didn’t I? I’m sorry, I completely forgot. I’ll get on that.

I have absolutely no idea how to computer any more than I know how to math (VERB ALL THE THINGS), so I’ll put Kevin on it ASAP. By the way, if you like the image, you should check out our artist Benjamin’s other work at soulexo.com!

    There is an image on the Podcast Directory, and in theory it should accompany new subscribers, but I don’t know how to attach it to current subscribers. I’ll look into it.

Sarah Kate writes:
Dear Kevin and Dayna,
I just finished listening to your most recent episode, and I felt that, at the end of this era, I should thank you.
I started listening to your podcast in the fall of 2009, my sophomore year. I had just switched high schools, and was very quiet and shy. A friend of mine pointed me your way, and the year and a half of episodes you had at the time got me through the roughest couple of months I’ve ever had. It was because of you guys that I never lost the ability to laugh. It was because of you guys that I worked up the nerve and confidence to fight back when I was being teased and bullied. It is because of you that, though my “new-found confidence” is still only an act, the shy, self-deprecating part of me is growing smaller, and I’m beginning to believe in my own awesomeness and own that shit.
Though, as always, I am eagerly awaiting the next episode, Kevin, you will be missed. You were part of the team that made what used to be a crappy life worth living.
Thank you, both of you, and everyone in the Made of Fail family, from the bottom of my heart.
P.S. My little sister asks that I add that she is an avid Kevin fangirl, and will miss him desperately.

Sarah, I want you to know that when I read your email, I cried. Repeatedly. You have no idea how touched I was to know that our silly little nerd podcast was able to make a difference in anybody’s life. I used to be just like you, and sometimes I still feel like I’m not that special. If being on the show has taught me anything, it’s that everybody is special. Every single person in the world. I watched It’s A Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve, as per my holiday tradition, and I’ve always believed in what Clarence told George Bailey: “One man’s life touches so many other lives.” Sometimes I think bullies are just scared or angry people who don’t grasp that, and I feel sorry for them.

To you, Sarah, and to all of our listeners: you are all awesome. All of you. I think everyone reading this should go up to someone today and say or do one kind thing. That’s some holiday spirit right there, yes? :)

Everybody have a great and safe New Year’s, and my new co-host and I will see you all in 2012!

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