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We’ve lost some good people. They gave everything to get us here. It’s up to us to make it mean something and do them justice. The Collectors, the Reapers… they aren’t a threat to us. They’re a threat to everything, everyone. Those are the lives we’re fighting for. That’s the scale.

It’s been a long journey, and no one’s coming out without scars, but it all comes down to this moment. We win, or lose it all in the next few minutes.

Make me proud. Make yourselves proud.

If you had a choice of only one book, movie, or video game for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Adam Griffith (@kitsunewill)
Let’s do one of each.

BOOK: Night Watch, by Terry Pratchett. This is where I think the Discworld series hit its height, and it explores the background and decisions of one of my favorite characters, Commander Sam Vimes of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch.

MOVIE: Ghostbusters. I have seen this movie at least a hundred times in my life, and I never get tired of it. This is the film that introduced me to the Urban Fantasy genre before I even knew there was such a thing.

GAME: Civilization IV (Civ 4). I grew up with these games, and this iteration of the series is considered by many to be the best. The mechanics are excellent, the gameplay is fun, and the whole package is narrated be Leonard freakin’ Nimoy. If you have not played this game, correct that mistake immediately.

Dana Miller (@y_draig_goch)
I would pick the game Skyrim. It never ends… I would never get bored because I don’t think I could ever beat it. Slaying dragons forever… yes… that would be AWESOME!

Dayna Abel (@queenanthai)
I pretty much already settled on World of Warcraft, didn’t I?

Devin Baker (@eso_si_que)
Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix. It’s about a dozen stories jammed in one game, so in a way this is a cheat of a pick. I also love the soundtrack and the fact that it’s possible to never play the same way twice just by making a few decisions about 15 minutes into the story.

As long as I’m cheating, I’d find a way to smuggle in Scribblenauts as well.

Evelina Burke (@Eviey)
Book: Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk because it makes me happy. My mum gave me a copy for Christmas years ago and it sat on my shelf for a few years before I picked it up and plowed through it (giggity) in one day.

Movie: I don’t like the idea of only watching one movie for the rest of my life without going insane, but since I’m be asked to choose I’d go with Zodiac. I was fascinated by the Zodiac killer when I was younger and Fincher’s film mirrors the confusion of the cases.

Video Game: Ummm… I’m not really a video game girl so… does Bejeweled count ass a video game? If so then Bejeweled. If not then… Angry Birds. And if Angry Birds doesn’t count then I’M GOING TO GO TO MY ROOM, BLAST MY DEATH METAL, AND ANGST!

Kevin O’Shea (@alliancesjr)
I have to say, I’ve just fallen completely in love with the Mass Effect series. Engrossing story, cinematic execution, engaging gameplay… it’s an RPG that feels like a movie. So, Mass Effect compilation, definitely.

Noel Thingvall (@NoelCT)
The Neverending Story. Not the one that was published here, but the one from the reality of the book/film. The one that actually never does end. I figure that should keep me occupied for a while.

Rowan Bristol (@RowanBristol)
Book: Swordspoint, buy Ellen Kushner. Late-Rennaisance, Pre-Enlightenment fantasy, involving fencing, celestial theory, and the single greatest hero in fantasy.

Movie: Gattaca. The sparse visuals, the belief that we can go further than fate demands we go, and the music. I always watch this film.

Game: Judging by the fact that I keep coming back to this in multiple platforms over the year: Pangya. Something about cute anime characters playing golf with special moves and paper-bag caddies just sells me.

Sabra Schirm (@cue_face_palm)
Damn. Uh…I am going to have to go with a game, if only because I would go nuts after watching the same movie over and over, and I read books too quickly for a book to be a long-term distraction, either. So, I’m going to say Oblivion w/ The Shivering Isles and The Knights of the Nine features, if only because of it’s free form game play and takes much longer to play with the extra quests/etc added in. There is so much you can do, so many ways you can play that it would take longer to get through the entire game, and then I could always start again as a different race/age/etc. On the same note, I would say Skyrim, but since I haven’t had as much time to love it as I have had for Oblivion, in this case, the older game wins.

Weston Abney (@westonian)
Dwarf Fortress. The problem with books, movies, and video games is that they end (unless they’re MMOs and just suck your money into a black hole for months on end). Dwarf Fortress is similar to Minecraft in that the goal is entirely user-generated, similar to an aircraft simulator in the number of elements it keeps track of, and similar to absolutely nothing else ever in that it usually ends with magma in your living room. It’s also fairly easy to mod.

What about you, readers?

3 thoughts on “Ask the Failcrew – For Emily Wong

  1. Game: Pokemon Heart Gold

    Because this game can take a 100 hours or even more if you play all the parts and do all the quests and catch all the pokemon. And because it’s the only game (well, game series) that I’ve consistently loved since I started gaming.

    Book: The Ultimate Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams

    Partly because it’s five books in one (yay for cheating!) and partly because you could read these stories over and over and over and still not quite get it all.

    Movie: Charade

    Because anything with Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn in it never gets old. And because of the music, the characters and the thing with the names.

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