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Much like the Winter That Never Was, this Spring is already shaping up to be a bit inconsistent. It’s hot! It’s cold! It’s 80 and humid! Wear a jacket, you’ll freeze out there!

Made of Fail: We Only Talk About The Weather.

What is your favorite season, and why? As always, feel free to join in on the conversation in the comments.

Alina Leigh (@LJmysticowl)
Spring — nothing beats the feeling of the first time I can put on a light jacket and sneakers after months of heavy coat and boots. Seeing fresh buds on trees cheers me up. And later in the season, around my birthday, the cherry blossoms in High Park bloom.

Dayna Abel (@queenanthai)
Autumn. I can finally start opening the windows and turning the A/C off, I don’t have to calculate how fast the sun will kill me if I step out onto the front porch, and aw yeah Halloween.

Devin Baker (@eso_si_que)
Blitzball. I can’t get enough of that music.

(Actually autumn, but everyone’s saying that and I want to be special, damnit.)

Evelina Burke (@Eviey)
Season two because that’s when you have gotten to know the charac… oh… you probably meant the weather type of season. In that case it’s Sutumn. It’s that period just at the end end Summer and the beginning Autumn where the weather has cooled down a little so it’s not sweltering, but not so cold that you have to wear a coat. But if you WERE talking about TV seasons then season two.

Noel Thingvall (@NoelCT)
Autumn. And I can’t think of a way to describe it that tops what Rowan said, so just read his piece again

Kevin O’Shea (@alliancesjr)
Certainly Spring, because it’s got the same temperatures as Fall but people are happy when it’s 50 degrees out instead of cursing and grabbing extra articles of clothing. Though that’s not the case this year…

Rowan Bristol (@RowanBristol)
It’s autumn.

The whole city becomes a riot of color. The weather is chill enough to make wandering great, and the two big events in autumn, halloween and thanksgiving, represent my favorite things in the world: Costuming and food.

Autumn is also when we reflect on death and memory, and all the things we just can’t ever let go of. I serve as a supernatural tour guide this season, and guide people through one of the darkest cemeteries. I love being in a season where fear is entertainment and regret an aphrodisiac.

Course, summer’s also cool if you’re into that sort of thing.

Sabra Schirm (@cue_face_palm)

The air is crisp, and fresh, but not quite so cold that the chill sinks to your bones. Everything seems to slow down and grow quiet; the sky is heavy with the promise of snow, but still seems to be holding back. The last stubborn summer flowers linger before slowly going to sleep again, or dying.

Hallowe’en. Samhain. Dio de los Muertos. Whatever you practice, it is a time for celebration. The color and beauty of humanity amidst a season of death.

Tessa Jerz (@sonozakitwins)
Oooh! I’m back in the thing! I actually remembered to answer the dealie thing again!

Okay, uh, lessee. I think if I had to pick one, it would be spring. Autumn comes awfully close (mostly due to having similar temperatures), and it does have some pretty great holidays, but spring also has my birthday, so it has that going for it too! Plus everything starts getting all green and stuff starts blossoming. Sunny days that aren’t too hot with bright colorful flowers and plants coming into bloom just makes me happy.

Oh, and it has Easter, and Easter has Peeps. I mean, I know they make them for like every holiday now, but it’s just not the same when it’s not the bright pink bunnies and chicks.

Weston Abney (@westonian)
I’m torn between spring and autumn. Both seasons are wonderfully temperate and windy, but spring has growing things (and pollen) while autumn has dying things (and harvest). In spring I’m winter acclimated so I’m a little more prepared for the night chill, while in autumn we’re coming off of the hundred and four degree summer days. Since I cannot decide, I have flipped a coin, and it came up spring.

4 thoughts on “Ask the Failcrew – Seasons of Love

  1. Well, count me among the rest of you in saying that Autumn is my favorite season. It used to be Spring, with the flowers in bloom and the warmer weather, but then came allergies and now Spring is one of my sworn enemies.

    Plus, Autumn has the beautiful colors of the changing leaves… despite the fact I live in Florida and get none of this.

  2. I seem to be the only one, but my favorite season is summer. You can go outside in whatever clothes you like, you don’t have to worry that you’ll get cold. You can go swimming in the lake, you can go lay out in the sun and read a book. I love to just go and sit on the deck with a book and soak up as much sun as I posibly can.

    Of course, I live in the mountains where it doesn’t get that hot out and spring isn’t when the flowers bloom but when the six feet of snow finally starts melting and the sky is finally a color other than gray.

  3. At the risk of sounding predictable, Autumn for me too. Football season, New York Comic-Con and Chiller Theatre Convention, Halloween, Thanksgiving, season premieres of all kinds, breezy weather and colorful trees (most of the time – global warming did some weird things with the weather and foliage in my area this past fall). It’s the best of everything.

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