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Hey everyone. I’m Dayna Abel, co-host and PR agent extraordinaire, here for Meet the Failcrew! To sum me up: I’m a proud geekess, happily married, living with the best husband, cats and roommates ever in the ‘burbs of New Orleans. I love a ton of stuff – comics, mostly DC; RPGs, mostly Square Enix’s; pretty much anything Joss Whedon does; horror movies; World Of Warcraft (as of last July); Terry Brooks; David and Leigh Eddings; True Blood; and Wil Wheaton. Annnnnnnnnd GO QUESTIONS GO!

What is your role in Made of Fail Productions?

I am the co-creator and co-host, as well as the Public Relations Manager for Made Of Fail Productions. Usually this consists of plugging the show everywhere I can conceivably do so, be it online, at a convention or at my local comic shop or GameStop. I also scout for potential guests and communicate as often as I can with fans. I try to come up with good topics for the show, as well as horrible episode titles, and I am usually the face of the show as I am way prettier than Kevin. XD

What fascinates you the most about your fandoms, or fandom as a whole?

I can never get over how at home I feel around other geeks. It’s no secret that I suffer from a terrible social anxiety disorder, but throw me in a room with a bunch of nerds and I’m as happy as I can be without holding a kitten. I love the sense of community and the close friendships that we geeks form, and I love being a part of it all.

What is your proudest accomplishment or achievement?

Insofar as the show goes, I’m terribly happy that so many of our fans have become friends with one another, completely without any effort on our part. These are people from all over who never would have met each other if they weren’t fans of ours, and it gives me all kinds of mushy girl feelings to see new friendships forged out of a mutual interest in our flapping mouth. :)

What do you do when you’re not online?

…not online?

What is your dream job?

Ideally I would like to get paid for doing the show, but seeing as how the odds I’d marry Wil Wheaton are better, I’m actually quite content to be a housewife.

How does one go about acquiring a harem like you have?

It was honestly just a matter of we needed money and they needed a place to live. And the magic began!

What is your greatest pet peeve?

People who are dicks for no good reason. Really? We’re never gonna make it into the United Federation Of Planets if you all don’t quit being douchebags.

Dayna can be followed on Twitter (@queenanthai) and LiveJournal (queenanthai)

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