Kickstarter – The MorBacon Theatre Company

Hey, Kevin here, and I’m here with some fantastic news.

This summer, I’m forming the MorBacon Theatre Company, with fellow Made of Fail veterans Rowan Bristol and Tessa, and we’ll be putting on Terry Pratchett’s “Wyrd Sisters”, adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs. There’s a lot going into this, not the least of which is the royalty payment to license the play itself, so we’ve just started fundraising.

We’ll need $5,000 to put this show on here in Chicago, and for that I’m asking you for help.

Our Kickstarter is now live, and will be up until April 10th. Please consider donating if you can, and please pass the link around if you can’t. There are some special rewards and donation incentives, so take a look and see if there’s anything that interests you.

Thank you so much for being with us for the past nearly five years, and I look forward to going on this journey with all of you as well.

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