[Made Of Fail] Episode 13: And That’s When the Internet Exploded

Episode 13 is live!


Thank you again to Devin for being our guest editor this episode! THAT’S RIGHT PEOPLE, KEVIN DID NOT DO THIS ONE. (shock and awe!)

Several former members of Scans Daily have presented opinions well worth a read. MightyGodKing’s fantastically footnoted weigh-in is here and Cissie_King tells the tale here. Yes, there are many, many more, but these are, for our money, the most well-written.

Even Comic Book Resources is getting in on it.

If you want to hear from the man himself, Peter David’s official blog entry about this kerfluffle is here. (There are a massive amount of comments. You may want to brew a pot of coffee or something.)

Dayna’s $2.00 (dude, inflation) is here.

If you miss Scans Daily already, try the there-is-no-way-we-can-possibly-get-shut-down NoScans Daily, where most of the mods and more than a few former denizens of S_D have migrated. (Including Dayna’s discussion on potential comic book distribution, DISCUSSED FIRST ON MADE OF FAIL!)

HEY OTHER STUFF: Both Final Fantasy: Dissidia and Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days will be released on August 31, 2009. Hope you’ve got kidneys.

Go see Watchmen in theaters on Friday, March 6th. Also, if you haven’t, READ IT ALREADY!

Terry Brooks’ A Princess Of Landover arrives August 18, 2009. The first book in the series, if you liked what you heard, is Magic Kingdom For Sale–Sold! and is available at Amazon.com.

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