[Made Of Fail] Episode 20: Cataclysms, Compocalypses and Crudeness

Episode 20 is live!


Final Fantasy: Dissidia is probably the awesomest thing you’re going to play all year and you really have got to pick it up. Order it on Amazon here.

Old-school RPG fans will also be very pleased with Crimson Gem Saga, and you can order yourself a copy of that right here.

Warcrafters, looking forward to the announced expansion Cataclysm? WoW Insider maintains a fully-comprehensive Guide to Cataclysm, which is updated with every new bit of information and speculation!

Don’t forget: Dollhouse Season Two and Smallville Season Nine both premiere on Friday, September 25. Smallville (see the Season Nine trailer here) is on at 8/7 central on the CW, and Dollhouse comes on right after at 9/8 central on Fox.

By the time this episode posts, Season Three of The Guild will have premiered! Guest-starring Dayna’s internet disturbingly obsessive stalkercrush hero Wil Wheaton! Go to watchtheguild.com.

John Hughes will be missed greatly, but one of his first screenplays lives on! Anniversary reprint of Class Reunion is available from Amazon! (Huge thanks to Noel for sending us this.)

Horror-movie fans, Rob Zombie’s H2 is in theaters, and if you don’t mind spoilers, Spoony from That Guy With the Glasses has a hilarious review on his site. Also, be sure to check out Jennifer’s Body starring Megan Fox when it hits theaters September 18.

DJ AM found dead in New York City. Shocking news, especially since we here at Made Of Fail covered his plane crash last year.

Backstreet Boys lovers, there is a new album coming out in October! (We’ll allow Dayna the necessary time to shudder in fear.)

Scissor Sisters working on “Dance Record You Can Cry To”. Should be fairly interesting.

Lewis’ comic REVOLUTION OF THE MASK is currently unavailable for purchase, but keep an eye on his website for updates!

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