[Made Of Fail] Episode 24: Content May Have Shifted

Episode 24 is live!


NEXT TIME, GADGET! The Saints lost to the Cowboys on the 19th, so we’re obligated to promote The Angry Joe Show. Angry Joe angrily reviews modern video games and more for your entertainment, and can also be found on Channel Awesome and on Twitter (@AngryJoeShow).

Cleolinda’s review of Avatar (no spoilers in this episode, BTW)
On that topic, here’s how to watch 3-D movies without getting a headache.

Listener Ashley asks that we share the webcomic Hark! A Vagrant! (Here’s her favorite strip.) We’re happy to oblige!

Other podcasts for your listening pleasure!
Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me
Radio Free Burrito/Memories Of the Futurecast
Yeah, I Said It! (NOTE: I am a horrible, horrible person for not mentioning Dennis-from-episode-22’s podcast during recording. Hope this makes up for it a little. -Dayna)

We at Made Of Fail hope everyone has a safe and very happy New Year!

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