[Made Of Fail] Episode 26: What Can Otaku Do For You?

Episode 26 is live!


A big thank you to Kaylyn “MarzGurl” Dicksion for joining us this episode! You can find her all over the internet at Channel Awesome, MarzGurl Productions, Bitchcast and on Twitter: @MarzGurl.


Chi’s Sweet Home
Dragon Ball
Gundam Wing
Gurren Lagann
The Irresponsible Captain Tylor
Lucky Star
Magic User’s Club
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Otaku no Video
Princess Tutu
Sailor Moon
School Rumble
When They Cry

If you’re lucky or kind of a stalker, you can find Kevin and Dayna on Akinator. “Akinator: it’s fucking creepy.”

Here is the Sherlock Holmes movie on YouTube as mentioned to us by Sabra. Thank you!

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