[Made Of Fail] Episode 29: If You Liked It, Then You Should Have Put A Power Ring On It

Episode 29 is live!


Thank you to Lewis Lovhaug for joining us yet again, despite us being us. :) You can see his reviews at either Channel Awesome or Atop the Fourth Wall. Of special note is his ATHENA #1 review, which is what we based this episode off of.

Also, Lewis and his brother Graham participated in the Humane Society’s Walk For Animals on May 1st. Show your support by donating a few bucks to the Humane Society, won’t you?

Graham also has a pretty sweet tech-related podcast you should give a listen to – Dumpstertech, for being a geek on the cheap!

Everyone’s favorite Power Ranger Jason David Frank made his Mixed Martial Arts debut earlier this year. Check it out!

MightyGodKing’s review of BLACKEST NIGHT can be found right here. Worth a read, whether you agree or disagree.

An excellent piece on rape culture in young adult fiction, provided by Kayleigh, a fangirl of the kind native to Scotland.

As the wonderful Gwen mentioned, here is the trailer for Going Postal.

Book recommendations! From listener Katie, we have The Name Of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss; and from listener Mitchell are Lamb and A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore.

From listener Kate, check out Adam Fromm’s “88 Lines About 44 Fangirls” here. (Lyrics are here.)

P.S. Excluding the title but including uses of the name “Justice League” et. al., the word “Justice” is used no fewer than thirty-one times in the CRY FOR JUSTICE miniseries. You were warned.

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