[Made Of Fail] Episode 30: Whatever You Do…Don’t. Fall. Asleep.

Episode 30 is live!


Needless to say, spoilers for the Nightmare On Elm Street remake ahoy.

Many, many thanks to DC Comics writer extraordinaire Sterling Gates for joining us this episode! Be sure to pick up SUPERGIRL and WAR OF THE SUPERMEN at your local comics shop (you can order his first SUPERGIRL TPB here at Amazon, too) and follow him on Twitter at @sterlinggates.

So hey, the concept of micronaps is totally real, you guys. We looked it up on the interwebs.

Dayna’s “Nobody Loves A Final Girl” essay can be read here.

A beautiful review of the original Nightmare On Elm Street by Dena of Film Den is here.

Lastly, a million thanks to Devin for editing this episode. We assure you that you will be paid twice what Kevin was making for it.

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