[Made Of Fail] Episode 41: Back To Basics

Episode 41 is live!


Made Of Fail was at C2E2 last month! Check out Dayna’s recaps here, here and here.

Also, don’t forget to check out The Daynapocalypse and our D&D session.

Apologies to aunt_zelda of the Secret Treehouse for not doing the promised cosplay. Next time, we swear. (Please do not take Kevin’s prompts as actual suggestions. Please.)

OTHER PODCASTS! Follow Comic Book Queers and Geektress, because Stevie and Laura and Brenda are awesome!

Cleolinda has the lowdown on the now-cancelled Wicked Pretty Things anthology here.

UPCOMING GAMES! On April 19th, we’ll be getting Portal 2 (Windows/Mac/PS3/XBox360), Mortal Kombat (PS3/XBox360) and Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection (PSP). Duke Nukem Forever (Windows/PS3/XBox360) has been pushed back to June 14th. We are Jack’s complete lack of surprise. If you feel like playing video games with Dayna, her online ID for both Steam and the PSN is queenanthai.

And don’t forget: NADWCon is in three months! Kevin will be there! Check out the site and book your trip while you still can!

Lastly, Made Of Fail is holding auctions to help keep the show running. Keep an eye on the LJ community for more in the coming weeks. If you have something to put up for auction, email us and let us know! Alternatively, if you just love us, you can always donate to our PayPal account:

P.S. Wish Tessa a happy belated birthday, won’t you? :)

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