[Made Of Fail] Episode 43 – Year Three Has Issues

Episode 43 is live!



It’s the Made Of Fail Third Anniversary show! Thank you so much to our fans, friends and crew for making us what we are. :)

Thanks this episode are due to Sterling Gates and Lewis “Linkara” Lovhaug from DC Comics and Atop the Fourth Wall, respectively. You can find them on Twitter at @sterlinggates and @Linkara19.

Sterling’s CREEPY AS FUCK “leave now” pic is here.

Be sure to watch the full trailer for Suburban Knights, coming June 27th to ThatGuyWiththeGlasses.com to celebrate their third anniversary! (Shut up, we have a smaller budget. :P)

Kevin’s review of the epic Pregnesia can be found right here!

Kevin’s recommended webfiction:

In My Daydreams (The Legion Of Nothing)
The Hinges Of Destiny

For a good laugh, read Topless Robot’s Cleolinda-esque recap of the best scenes from Green Lantern!

If you’re itching to learn the stories behind other members of the Green Lantern Corps, pick up Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, which features 100% more Nathan Fillion. And while you’re at it, check out Ryan Reynolds as Monty in Waiting…, which is basically Office Space for the restaurant industry.

So, DC Comics is rebooting its universe again…sort of. Read the Bob Harras/Eddie Berganza interview at Newsarama here, MightyGodKing has thrown in his opinion (which brings up a lot of great points), and you can read Lewis’ original blog post about the whole thing right here. Also, here’s iFanboy’s Definitive Guide To the DC Comics Reboot, which lists titles and creators.

Also, this article from GeekDad is a very thoughtful piece about DC’s upcoming digital distribution.

Oh, and yeah, Rob Liefeld was totally in a Levi’s ad. We weren’t kidding.

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2 thoughts on “[Made Of Fail] Episode 43 – Year Three Has Issues

  1. Hi guys.

    From the perspective of someone who has only started getting into comics over the past couple of years (pretty much because of Made of Fail and Linkara, yay!) AND as someone who has limited access to comics, I’m pretty excited about the reboot and the advent of digital comics. The ComiXology site has been a windfall for me, because they’re more likely to have back-issues of things I’m looking for than my local comic book shops, and they cost two dollars rather than six.

    I’ve got a few trades of Birds of Prey and Deadpool, as well as some back-issues of Wonder Woman and Secret Six, and I’ve really enjoyed them; however, I’m often confused when characters from other books turn up, or they reference events that happened in the comic’s universe before the particular book I’m reading began. For example, in Birds of Prey there was this whole plotline about this woman called Cheshire and there was a child involved and the father was mentioned but I had no idea who he was and there was a punch-up and some new Batgirl turned up and OH GOD WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS HAPPENING. If this happens in a book-book, you can normally read the wee bibliography near the title page and get the books that come earlier in the series, but with comic books, there’s no indication which book you should pick up or how far back you’ll have to look. I think TV Tropes calls this “Archive Panic”.

    So, in my personal case, DC’s strategy is a resounding success. There are about a dozen books I plan to get every month, and I may get more if anything catches my eye, because I’ll know that the story’s just beginning and I won’t have to navigate a decade or more of backstory.
    (Although, John Constantine? Seriously, DC? This is me giving you the side-eye.)

  2. Pretty cool to find your podcasts. Not having a background in the Green Lantern mythos as you say, the film was pretty satisfying in an acknowledged flawed way for me. You all in composite sketched out the entire landscape of pluses and minuses, in a really enjoyable review. A small note which I haven’t heard anyone in press mention, Parallax in my eyes was almost grafted whole cloth from the Tsu Hark (2001) remake of his own fantasy Kung-Fu classic Zu Warriors from Magic Mountain (1983), Zu Warriors. It was a spectacular borrowing, both in terms of design and spirit. The entire movie has this odd quotation factor beyond the immediate comic reference that I really enjoyed – Hector as the “Elephant Man” turned evil and supernatural, for instance.

    In any case, you have great chemistry in your podcast, look forward to hearing more.


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