[Made Of Fail] Episode 49 – The Show Must Go On

Episode 49 is live!


Yes, listeners, this is Kevin’s final episode as regular co-host. Drop a comment and let him know how awesome he has been. Shut up I am not still crying it is very dusty in here

Thanks to Lore, the ubiquitous Trekkiegirl, for coming onto the show this episode!

“The lava lamp of sound” – here, have some ambient Enterprise engine noise.

So hey, we heard you like audio dramas. We have audio dramas now. Audio dramas are cool.

Here’s all the cool stuff about Kepler-22b, from PlanetQuest, Time and NASA!

Our friend and listener Suzannah has a podcast now: go listen to Animated Things Club if you’re into animation at all.

You an arachnophobe? Play Skyrim? Have we got the mod for you! (Also P.S. dear Blizzard please do this for the [TW: SPIDER PICTURE] Terokkarantula kthxbai)

As a holiday present from Made Of Fail to you, please enjoy a porcupine eating corn.

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6 trillion miles per light year X 600 light years =
360,000,000,000,000 miles (360 trillion)
/17,500 mph (space shuttle max speed to sustain orbit)
=20,571,428,571 hours (I am leaving off decimal points JUST BECAUSE OKAY)
/24 hours in a day = 857,142,857 days
/365 days in a year = 2,348,336 years to reach Kepler-22b via space shuttle.
The “40” came from forgetting to multiply somewhere, because I am bad at math and this is why I don’t work for NASA.

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