[Made Of Fail] Episode 57 – George Wants Liefeld Tentacle Pr0n

Episode 57 is live!


Hey, folks! Devin (the editor) here. Dayna and George are currently without power thanks to Hurricane Isaac. Everyone is okay – as okay as you can be after 3 days in the South in August without air conditioning. Please take a moment to send good vibes down to the Gulf Coast, everyone in the storm’s path, and towards all our friends who could use them. Here’s a good start if you are looking to give to charities. Please share your recommendations in the comments.

Pivoting towards the funny (or at least funny-looking), thanks to random listener Fail-family member Noel for joining the conversation. Catch him on Twitter (@NoelCT), LJ (noelct.livejournal.com), and all over madeoffail.net.

Bell-bottom jeans enthusiast Rob Liefeld has left DC Comics in a huff. He has a point, but he’s lashing out at Scott Synder of all people. Class it up, buddy.

Speaking of bizarre anatomy and costumes, check out Made of Fail’s venture into pro wrestling: Signature Move. You know you want more George in your earholes.

Geoff Johns is just dumping all his bad ideas into Justice League so he has nothing but good left for Green Lantern, right? Right? Or maybe this is a good change? Thoughts? We won’t yell at you. Too much.

Apologies for that odd echo that pops up here and there. Something funky happened with the recording and, trust me, it was a lot worse before.

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