[Made Of Fail] Episode 59 – Everybody Dies and Lives Happily Ever After

Episode 59 is live!


SPOILER WARNING: At this point, do we even need to say we spoil pretty much the entirety of Breaking Dawn Part 2?

Thank you to our Senior Sparkle Correspondent Cleolinda Jones (@cleolinda) for joining us (and finally shedding that title!), along with Jo (@mstorijo) and K.C. (@evil_kinegro) YOU’RE FREE, LITTLE ONES, GO FROLIC IN THE GREAT WIDE OPEN!

Although we played a good game, nobody hates Twilight as much as Robert Pattinson. Nobody.

That said, this was actually surprisingly watchable, and even ComicsAlliance agrees with us.

The interview with director Bill Condon we mentioned is magical and absolutely worth reading. Deleted scenes, we needs them, precious.

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One thought on “[Made Of Fail] Episode 59 – Everybody Dies and Lives Happily Ever After

  1. Great episode…it’s fun to see how for better or worse, Made of Fail and Twilight have really sort of grown up together over the past few years. This is sort of like graduation day.

    BTW, just my two cents, but I think George has benefited a ton from being a regular on Turducken is Tasty…he definitely sounds more relaxed and is jumping into the discussions a lot more easily than he has in previous episodes. Great stuff all around.

    …And personally, I think the show being around for Episode VII is a hell of a great thing to shoot for. But perhaps that’s the fanboyism talking.

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