[Made Of Fail] Episode 63 – Captain Picard Wouldn’t Break That Window

Episode 63 is live!


Thank you to Made Of Fail’s house artist Benjamin Colón as well as returning guest J.K. Woodward for joining us this episode! You can see Benjamin’s work throughout this site as well as on his own website SoulExo.com. J.K.’s work can be found on his site and he can be reached on Twitter @JK_Woodward.

J.K.’s Hurricane Sandy story can be heard here.

Our own Glorious Producer Kevin has Begun Another Thing: the MorBacon Theatre Company. Please donate to the Kickstarter so they can perform Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters this year!

Buy Spider-Men by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli on Amazon, because it is a frickin’ rad story.

Lastly, here is Dayna’s initial essay on Amazing Spider-Man #700. It’s angry.

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