[Made Of Fail] Episode 71 – The Forest Of Death

Episode 71 is live!


Thanks to Matthew Rossi of WoW Insider for joining us this month! You can follow Matt on Twitter at @MatthewWRossi, on the WoW Insider Podcast, at WoW Insider itself, and feel free to purchase his books on Amazon!

Check out In Nomine from Steve Jackson games here, along with the rest of their games catalogue…for example, GURPS! It’s in its 4th edition right now, give it a whirl if you’re into tabletop gaming!

Don’t know what the hell you’re doing in WoW? Head over to Noxxic (they also do Diablo III, Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic) and/or Icy Veins to help firmly but kindly guide you into how to play your class!

Interested in Dungeons & Dragons? Mosey on over to their website and see what it has to offer!

Admittedly, we were curious. F.A.T.A.L. is so much worse than you can imagine.

Science proves it: internet trolls are dickheads. Science did not actually need to prove that, but it’s always nice when it’s on your side.

Eight Years In Azeroth is a great look back on WoW through the eyes of a raiding guild that had been there since the beginning, and a tale of the trials and tribulations of being a guild master.

Interested in joining OpenRaid for WoW raids at-level? Sign up with Twisted Raiders now!

Have some Rifts…if you dare.

Details on why Scott Lobdell is a piece of shit. Hey, maybe he plays F.A.T.A.L.

And finally, for those of you creaming over Rocket Raccoon and Guardians Of the Galaxy, spare a few bucks for Bill Mantlo.

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One thought on “[Made Of Fail] Episode 71 – The Forest Of Death

  1. Regarding Bill Mantlo, there was a lot of confusion from well-meaning fans who were ready to cast Marvel as the badguy. Bill’s brother has commented about it and explained the situation a bit more clearly: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2014/02/25/talking-to-michael-mantlo-about-bill-marvel-and-rocket-raccoon/ That does not at all undermine the need for the Mantlo’s to raise funds to take care of Bill, just wanted to say, Marvel, at least in this instance, is not that villain.

    Otherwise great episode, guys. This is the type of discussion I love to listen to.

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