[Made Of Fail] Episode 74 – Six Years Of Awesome

Episode 74 is live!

(click for the hi-res version!)


Happy 6th Anniversary to us! Thank you to Kayleigh (@Ceilidhann, Anglo-Filles and Bibliodaze), Emily (@foresthouse, ComicMix and AwesomeCon) and Benjamin (@SoulExoComic and SoulExodus) for joining us for the occasion!

Extra kudos to Benjamin for that TOTALLY BITCHIN’ ARTWORK above, and to Tireless Editor Devin for the lightspeed editing!

So! You like AWESOME stuff, right? Well, here are the links to everything mentioned on the episode!

Cleolinda Jones’ Hannibal tag
Espionage Cosmetics Nail Wraps
The Griffin & Sabine Trilogy
Honest Trailers on YouTube
I Know That Voice DVD
Night Film by Marisha Pessl
Nightside series by Simon R. Green
Radio Dead Air
Reading Rainbow Kickstarter
Talkin’ Toons Podcast with Rob Paulsen
Tetris Lamp on Thinkgeek
The Venture Bros.

Thanks to all our listeners for being a part of the Made Of Fail family!

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