[Made Of Fail] Episode 82: Best Of Both Worlds

Episode 82 is live!


Thank you very much to Arialynn and Jarrick for joining us this episode! Even if you don’t play World Of Warcraft, we assure you, this episode is more about how games and real life can affect one another. Stick around for this one, hm?

If you do play WoW and are interested in role-playing, keep an eye on Templars Of the Rose (Earthen Ring-US, Alliance; Horde counterpart is Blood Of the Rose). As of this recording, recruitment is temporarily closed to the general public, but we do open up from time to time. We also have a presence in Star Wars: The Old Republic and Final Fantasy XIV.

Ari can also be heard on the Lorecast podcast! Check it out at http://lorecast.org/.

World Of Warcraft can be downloaded at https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/

We touched a bit on introversion, shyness and depression in this episode. Since we can’t all have a Guild Mom or Raid Dad to watch over us, here are a couple of helpful links:
81 Awesome Mental Health Resources When You Can’t Afford a Therapist
Self-Care Master Post

Thanks to Brandon and his Photoshop skillz for the sweet-ass image for this episode!

Music used in this episode:
Lion’s Pride Inn – David Arkenstone, Jason Hayes
WoW Vanilla Login Theme (Rock Cover) – Husky By the Geek

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