[Made Of Fail] Episode 84: A Thing That You Do

Episode 84 is live!


Thanks to Matthew Rossi for joining us once again! You can find Matt’s books on Amazon, and his World Of Warcraft writing at Blizzard Watch. He also appears on the Lore Watch and Blizzard Watch podcasts. If you like him, support him on Patreon!

H.P. Lovecraft’s racism and bigotry is well-documented, and there is an excellent article by Bobby Derie citing Alan Moore about this here.

The Fandomentals put together the most well-written, respectful, bulletproof editorial about Supergirl and its problematic narrative in Season Two. It’s the most literate, eloquent “Fuck Mon-El” I’ve read yet. Please do give it a read.

Jessica Cruz is so important to me and this is why.

Our buddy Linkara reviewed possibly the two worst John Byrne Superman stories ever: Action Comics #592 and #593. Watch, and brace yourself. [Content Warning: sexual abuse]

So the Jem and the Holograms and Misfits comics are – dare I say? – outrageous and incredible. There’s a great character focus which was missing from the cartoon and they’re all unique and diverse, so if you’re into that, I urge you to check them out.

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