[Made Of Fail] Episode 86: Maybe the Real Podcast Was the Friends We Made Along the Way

Episode 86 is live!


Ten years and eighty-six episodes later, and it’s all come down to this. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Made Of Fail in any way, be it as a fan, friend, guest, writer, host, editor, artist or more…thank you with all our hearts. Committitur alicui.

K. O’Shea
Dayna Abel
Jason David Frank
Eliza Dushku
Adam Griffith
Tessa Jerz
Weston Abney
Noel Thingvall
Devin Baker
K.C. White
Emily Whitten
George Hatch

Yeah, the celebrity appearances were shout-outs from conventions years and years ago but I never got to use them in-podcast and I really wanted to and it’s the last show so there. :P

Any absences were not intentional and just a matter of various timing or technical reasons.

Congratulations to Lewis “Linkara” Lovhaug for also making it to ten years of his own show, which is only slightly more popular than our own. ;) Visit him at Atop the Fourth Wall!

Please do read our very own Kayleigh Donaldson’s articles at Pajiba, SyFy Wire and ScreenRant.

She is also a host on Anglo-Filles, which we continue to proudly host on the Made Of Fail Network.

Here is Kevin’s “résumés for nerds” thread which…took off just a little bit.

DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint is coming back and it looks absolutely amazing. Read about it here at Comicosity!

Our friend and guest Matthew Rossi has written some excellent books about queer people doing magic and coming together as a found family, and you can buy them here. You can even get a free EPUB of the first book in the Nameless series here!

FINAL SHOW NOTE: Make sure you are registered to vote in November and then vote against everything that carrot-colored criminal conman stands for.

-The Made Of Fail Podcast

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3 thoughts on “[Made Of Fail] Episode 86: Maybe the Real Podcast Was the Friends We Made Along the Way

  1. I haven’t listened to this one yet, but i need to thank you again for this show. It has given me a community, a home (kinda literally), friends, my sanity, and my life. I love you guys, all of you.

  2. Hoo boy. I’m a chronic lurker, so I’ve never commented much much, but when I started listening to you guys in 2010 I was in a boring post-high-school admin job in my gap year. And since then I’ve moved across the country, completed two degrees, and worked the job I actually want to do for three and a half years. Time is weird, huh?

    Thanks for the show and best of luck. It’s been some good times. I’m sure I’ll see you around the internet again.

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