[Review] Jessica Jones Episode 2×11: “Three Lives and Counting”

written by Brandon Moore

Episode 11 is covered in purple and I am here for it.


Jessica is having a major freakout at taking another life while Dale Holiday’s blood continues to ooze across the floor. It’s not until a familiar voice in her head chimes in that she decides to expertly make the whole thing look like a suicide. After dropping the body off the roof, Jessica turns to see a man wearing a purple suit and a wicked smile congratulating her. Kilgrave. Seems our heroine is having a bit of a mental break.

“Kilgrave” pops up again and again, giving a sadistic voice to all of Jessica’s worst thoughts about herself and her loved ones. When Alisa calls to confirm her suspicion that Jessica killed Holiday, Kilgrave is there to say he’s proud of her. As Jessica looks over the forged papers for Malus, Kilgrave asks if there is any crime she won’t commit to get what she wants. Killing again has caused Jessica to once again question if she really is a monster and Kilgrave, representing every negative impulse she could be tempted to give in to, is there to taunt her mercilessly.

I am loving this.

Imaginary figments aside, the plot must go on. Jessica goes to the no-tell motel to give Malus his new passport, only to find him missing. When she opens her computer, she sees that Malcolm left some windows open when he and Trish went snooping. Clearly he still has some learning to do if ever wants be promoted from associate. Jessica tracks them down just in time for Trish to get away with Malus. She begrudgingly teams up with a very upset Malcolm.

I assumed last week that Trish, after bombing her big new anchor audition, wanted Malus for a hot story. Everyone in this episode assumes she wants him for more of that sweet inhaler she’s addicted to. But that came from Dr. Kozlov, not Malus. So what in the heck does she want? Trish and Malus gather supplies and return to the secret IGH lab to…wait, Trish wants powers? What? I know Trish has been wanting to be able to “make a difference,” but this is a pretty big jump for her.

Jessica gets to the lab just in time to see Trish unconscious and spitting up blood because this was a bad idea. Malus blows up the lab with him inside it because he’s suddenly realized just how dangerous his work is. Jessica gets Trish to the hospital and has a knock-down drag-out verbal fight with Malcolm. My heart gets torn to bits when Mommy and Daddy argue.

In a quiet room, Jessica talks to Kilgrave, reaffirming that she is not him. She can control herself. She is better than him. Still, Kilgrave hauntingly assures her that he’ll be around when she needs him.

Oh, and Alisa sees a news a report about Malus’ death and immediately breaks out of prison with ease. So, there’s that.

I make no apologies; I was always upset that Kilgrave was killed in the first season. He deserved to die and it was a cathartic moment. But I adored how slimy and evil he was and knew I would miss him. David Tennant was probably my favorite thing about the first season. Obviously, I loved seeing him return. Also, I think I need to find pictures of Krysten Ritter playing with puppies to be sure she’s okay, because she plays emotionally tortured so well that my heart breaks for her.

Trish’s motivation for wanting powers is a nice twist because it makes perfect sense, yet I fell for the red herrings of the story and the inhaler. The only knock I have against this episode is Malus’ sudden change of heart. It feels like the writers just needed to get the character out of the way. Unless he’s not dead? Who knows. Everything is falling apart, I can’t stand the suspense, and this episode was a morbid delight.

Jessica Jones is available now on Netflix. Brandon can be reached on Twitter @BluThundur.

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