[Review] The Flash (2014) Episode 3×02: “Paradox”

To quote the great philosopher GLaDOS, “Nice job breaking it, hero.” Enjoy this recap of CW’s The Flash.


Oh, Bartholomew, what hast thou wrought?

Spoilers under the cut.

After “fixing” the timeline and averting Flashpoint, Barry finds out that not everything went back to the way it was. Cisco is pissed at him that Dante’s dead, Iris and Joe aren’t talking to each other, Caitlin’s becoming Killer Frost, and Barry has a new annoying lab partner, Draco Malfoy! …no, I’m serious. This ought to be interesting.

Speaking of the villain, Dr. Alchemy shows up and remakes Edawrd Clarriss back into the Rival from Flashpoint. He works better as a villain here simply because there’s actually a reason for him to be evil instead of just whatever the fuck he was before. It’s not great, though, and he’s getting the advantage over Barry because Barry’s heart is not in the fight and I hate that cliché. Barry’s had at least two years dealing with evil speedsters and his superspeed fight reflexes should be in tip-top shape.

Cisco trying to move past his grief and blame of Barry is good, and Caitlin having something to do besides be the love interest is something I’m all for. Unfortunately, it seems as though she’s going to be oscillating between Good Mother and Evil Bitch stereotypes with Love Interest as a chaser, so that’s not…I know I’m not talking much about this episode much, and I just realized why. This season had so much potential to change the game, to give this amazing cast something to really sink their teeth into. But the women of this show are put into their boxes and never allowed outside of them.

Anyway, I did like this episode, but that’s going to be bothering me for the rest of the season. I hope it changes, I hope I’m misremembering, but we’ll see if I’m wrong next time.

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