[Review] The Flash (2014) Episode 3×20: “I Know Who You Are”

I’m sure someone has told Caitlin to chill more than once but I’m pretty sure they didn’t mean like this. Enjoy this recap of CW’s The Flash.

Finally, this week is the reveal of Savitar’s identity.

Spoilers under the cut.

The episode starts with Cecile and Joe finishing a marathon training session. For an actual marathon. Get your minds out of the gutter. Cecile says she loves Joe, but he is quickly called in to S.T.A.R. Labs before he has a chance to say anything else. At the lab, Team Flash discusses Tracy Brand, who will eventually become one of the world’s top theoretical physicists. They turn their attention to finding Tracy, but Julian has a hissy fit about not looking for Caitlin. Cisco reminds him about all the steps they are taking to do just that, then digs the knife in a little further by reminding Julian he’s the one who ripped of Caitlin’s dampener and brought Killer Frost back.

H.R., Cisco and Barry go to Central City University, where Tracy is a grad student. They find her trying to burn all of her work, since she’s failed her dissertation and now ten years of her life has added up to one giant pile of student loans. The team tries to give her a pep talk, but Killer Frost smashes through the door and tries to kill Tracy. Barry and Cisco fight Killer Frost while H.R. gets Tracy to safety. After Frost escapes, the team realizes she’s already working with Savitar.

Back at the GCPD, Tracy has described Killer Frost to a police sketch artist and Barry confirms her story. Joe and Barry talk, but Cecile interrupts and wants to know if she and Joe are good. Barry totally eavesdrops, but Joe doesn’t want to talk about it. Tracy tries to get to a bus stop so she can leave town against Joe and Barry’s advice. They aren’t letting her go that easily, however.

In an abandoned warehouse somewhere, Killer Frost meets with Savitar. He scolds her for not killing Tracy, and pushes her to work harder. At Jitters, H.R. cozies up to Tracy while Cisco and Julian feed him technobabble over the comms so he can impress her. Julian tries to talk to Cisco about passing up the open shot on Killer Frost he had, but Cisco is having none of it. Cut to Barry and Joe in a stakeout vehicle, having a conversation about Cecile. Joe feels like he’s lying to Cecile about a lot of stuff, and Barry suggests that maybe he shouldn’t.

…yeah, there’s a reason this gif was so relevant for most of Season One.

Anywho, back to Tracy and H.R.’s impromptu date. Tracy’s got the theoretical parts of the Speed Force down and thinks it’s even possible to manipulate it, but has no way to actively research it. H.R.’s coffee ices over and he gets Tracy out of there, only for an icicle to come inches from her face before Barry zooms in and grabs it. Killer Frost reveals herself, then ice-slides away. Barry goes after her, but not before telling Cisco he’s going to force her to double back so Cisco can knock Frost out. When that happens, Cisco can’t make himself take the shot. He almost lets himself get hit by an ice blast, and Barry gets hit instead and stabbed in the leg by Killer Frost.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry is back up and they bring Tracy up to speed. She gets overwhelmed and has to take a few minutes to process, so H.R. chases after her. In the meantime, Julian goes for another chat with Cisco. Julian tells him that Tracy’s come around, but wants to know why Cisco won’t take the shots at Killer Frost. Cisco says it’s because he’s afraid of killing his best friend. Barry and Joe talk about Cecile and how Joe’s afraid to tell her about all the Flash stuff because he wants something normal in his life. But he knows that if he doesn’t say anything, then there is no relationship with Cecile. H.R. busts in on this poignant moment to inform them that Tracy’s gone.

Barry informs the team in the control center that he can’t find Tracy in any of her known locations, so they creep through her future photostream and H.R. figures out where she is: in front of Galileo’s statue at the park. H.R. and Tracy talk at the park, where she reveals just how intimidated she is by all of this. H.R. tells her she can become who she’ll be in the future; she just needs to believe in herself. Meanwhile, Cecile goes to visit Joe at home, and Joe breaks up with her. Cecile leaves, but is immediately taken as a hostage by Killer Frost. She uses Cecile to get in the door and tells Joe to bring her Tracy Brand or Cecile dies.

Team Flash meets up in the control room, and Barry puts together a plan. Julian talks to Cisco one more time to pep him up and give him some confidence. H.R. talks to Tracy and asks her to do something dangerous. They arrive at the factory and start the prisoner exchange. Killer Frost is saying everything Barry was going to say about family and being one of them exactly at the same time he says it, and tells him that Savitar told her exactly what he was going to say. She tells them that Barry and Savitar are more alike than Barry realizes and that’s how Savitar knows Cisco is in the rafters. Frost triggers a bomb that’s up there, and Cisco manages to barely portal out of there in time.

Killer Frost manages to take out Barry, but Cisco has finally had enough and confronts her. They use their powers against each other, with Cisco finally getting the upper hand and knocking Killer Frost out. Cisco manages to draw some of her blood before Savitar runs in and takes Frost away. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, they speculate on just how Killer Frost was so accurate with the details Savitar provided. It’s almost like he was there. In the meantime, they have Caitlin’s blood, so they might be able to reverse-engineer a cure. H.R. and Tracy talk some more, and Tracy has come up with a way to use Savitar’s suit to trap him in the Speed Force.

Joe and Cecile have a talk, and he finally says he loves her too. Back at the West house, Joe updates Barry, Wally and Iris on everything with Cecile, and that he told her the truth about Barry and Wally. As he’s explaining his decision-making, Barry figures everything out. He knows who Savitar is and rushes to meet him. Savitar reveals that he is, in fact, Barry Allen, albeit with a horribly scarred face.

This episode was awesome, and ups the game for the rest of the season. I’d put it right on par with “The Wrath of Savitar”. It furthers the story along, and even H.R. is less irritating in this episode. Next time…wait, what was I reviewing?

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