[Review] The Flash (2014) Episode 4×03: “Luck Be A Lady”

Welcome back to Flashcaps, where we review previous seasons of the CW’s The Flash.

written by George Hatch

So as I’m sitting down to type this out, one of our cats got into the litter box behind me and missed it completely, peeing on the floor. There’s a joke in here somewhere about being unlucky, but it reeks of cat pee too much for me to get there and I’m on a deadline, so onto the review proper.

Spoilers under the cut.

You know how last week’s episode was a lighthearted affair (well, aside from the goddamned murder)? This week doesn’t just double down on it; it quadruple downs on it. The entire premise is that a person with bad luck is given good luck, but they transfer their bad luck to others around them. It’s slapstick. It’s an entire episode of slapstick. *sigh*

That’s not to say I hated the episode. I found many parts of it enjoyable, like Cisco’s banter with Harry or Barry’s earnestness in trying to stop Becky. In fact, all the cast interactions here are stellar and really highlighted how well they play off of each other. And while I’m on the subject, I’m really sad to see Wally leave. He’s become such a good character in Keiynan Lonsdale’s hands and while I know he’ll be back on occasion, I’ll miss him.

But really, my biggest gripe about this episode isn’t even the slapstick. It’s done well enough that I can mostly just groan and move on with it, and I recognize that it’s a favorite for a lot of people. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Yes, George, it is, and this episode was great. Thus endeth my rebuttal.] No, my problem is putting two lighthearted episodes back-to-back (with another on the way next week, if I recall). I feel like the pacing of the season is already out of whack and we’re just three episodes in. Harry being back full-time pleases me to no end, though.

Also, I’m kinda getting tired of dollar-store-knockoff Metron. “I Am So Smart” is only intimidating if it’s shown to have practical applications instead of general scheming.

Next week, we try and stretch our muscles, overdo it, then Ralph.


Seasons 1-5 of The Flash are available now on Netflix. George Hatch can be found on Twitter at @Raeseti and totally not being berated by his editor-slash-girlfriend about his utter lack of joy in his soul, who doesn’t like slapstick, come on, George.

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