[Review] The Flash (2014) Episode 4×05: “Girls’ Night Out”

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written by George Hatch

Ralph Dibny is

Okay, now that I’ve got that out of my system, on with the review.

Spoilers under the cut.

So, I will admit to a little trepidation going into this episode because it is ranked as…well, the worst episode of The Flash on IMDB. Dear reader, I disagree. “The Fury of Firestorm”, “Back To Normal”, and “The New Rogues” are all much worse than “Girls’ Night Out”. That’s not to say this is a good episode, because it’s not.

The “Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Going Off the Rails” trope has been done to death, and there isn’t anything that justifies its use here. Some people have said that Barry and Iris have the most boring parties thrown for them, but that makes sense considering their everyday lives. For these characters, low-key hanging out with their friends and being very subdued and content is probably the most relaxing thing they can imagine.

A wonderful positive about this episode is Katee Sackhoff’s Amunet Black. She creates an incredibly distinctive character that I found a breath of fresh air. In my research to find worse episodes, I came across all number of takes that said Amunet wasn’t scary, especially in relation to how she had been built up throughout the season so far. I don’t think these people understand just how utterly terrifying an entitled rich white girl with no morals can be. I want this character to come back, and I hope that negative backlash didn’t drive her away.

As I said, the plot is terrible, but the ending is a catastrophe. Not only does Weeper (Amunet’s prisoner for I-don’t-know-how-long, who is regularly beaten for his tears because they can be abused as an Ecstasy-like drug) just run off, but nobody checks to see if he might need medical attention on account of the whole “prolonged torture” thing. Amunet not being killed off is fine, but given that she’s been shown to have meta-abilities, a predilection for revenge, and the fact that she killed two cops, and the women still let her go?! That’s piss-poor writing.

On the dudes’ side…





That’s it. That’s their half of the plot.

I’ll be back next week with a really Harry situation.


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